Doublet Peak

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Doublet Peak
Doublet Peak is located in Wyoming
Doublet Peak
Doublet Peak
Fremont County, Wyoming, U.S.
Elevation 13,600 ft (4,100 m)[1]
Prominence 200 ft (61 m)[1]
Range Wind River Range
Coordinates 43°09′48″N 109°37′47″W / 43.16333°N 109.62972°W / 43.16333; -109.62972Coordinates: 43°09′48″N 109°37′47″W / 43.16333°N 109.62972°W / 43.16333; -109.62972[2]
Topo map USGS Gannett Peak
First ascent 1929 Henry Hall, Kenneth Henderson and Robert Underhill (United States)

Doublet Peak is the sixth (tied with Turret Peak) highest peak in Wyoming[3] and the fifth highest in the Wind River Range.[4] The summit is immediately south of Dinwoody Glacier and just west of Mount Warren.[5]


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