Growing Up Creepie

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Growing Up Creepie
Growing Up Creepie Title Card.PNG
Created by Anthony Gaud
Chris Woods
Carin Greenberg
Directed by Trevor Wall (Storyboard director)
Eric Kirby
Stevie Vallance (voice director)
Voices of Athena Karkanis
David Berni
Dwayne Hill
Julie Lemieux
Leah Cudmore
Richard Yearwood
Stephanie Anne Mills
Stevie Vallance
Juan Chioran
Scott McCord
Jamie Watson
Patrick McKenna
Opening theme "Creepie Kids" by Samantha Lombardi
Ending theme "LoveULove" by Samantha Lombardi
Composer(s) Samantha Lombardi
Clarence Jey
Mike Puskas
Score by Guy Michelmore
Country of origin United States
No. of seasons 1
No. of episodes 26 (list of episodes)
Executive producer(s) Paul Cummins
Elizabeth Koshy
Melinda Toporoff
Jim Rapsas
Producer(s) Phil Dibartolo
Michark A. Puskas & Clarence Jeyaretnam
Marie Cecchino-Brand (line producer)
Siobhan Ni Ghadhra
Lim Lin Li (line producer)
Anand Pandey (on line producer)
Sara Helman (associate producer)
Editor(s) Steve "Sketch" Vallino
Richard Finn (supervising editor)
Production company(s) Mike Young Productions
Taffy Entertainment
Discovery Kids Productions
Original network Discovery Kids
Original release September 9, 2006 (2006-09-09) – June 21, 2008 (2008-06-21)

Growing Up Creepie was a Canadian-American animated television series created by Mike Young and produced by Discovery Kids. In other countries, the series was simply titled Creepie. The series premiered on September 9, 2006 to June 21, 2008 and aired one season of 26 episodes.


As told in the opening introduction and in the episode "Creepie Crawling", Creepie was an infant left on the doorstep of the Dweezwold Mansion, which is home to a family of various insects. The family took her in and raised her as one of their own. She must now adjust to a life surrounded by a society of insectophobic humans as she attends Middlington Middle School and keeps her home life secret in order to protect both herself and her family.


  • Creepie Creecher (voiced by Athena Karkanis): The Gothic protagonist, a preteen raised by bugs. She has a cynical and sarcastic personality. Except for Budge she doesn't tell anyone that she was raised by bugs in order to protect herself and her family. She has a fear of clowns. Her catchphrase is "Wicked". She was abandoned on Caroleena and Vinnie's doorstep as a baby, and it is unknown what happened to Creepie's real parents. Her real name is Creepella, but everyone except Dr. Pappas and Vinnie calls her Creepie. If anyone ever finds out that Creepie is being raised by bugs she will have no choice, but to live somewhere else, and Dweezwold Mansion will be fumigated by Mr. Hollyruller. Creepie loves photography. She cannot sing, but she can play the bagpipes. Her favorite color is black and she is fiercely protective of her family & other insects.
  • Caroleena (voiced by Julie Lemieux): A praying mantis, Caroleena is Creepie's adoptive mother and Marge's best friend. She is very strict and constantly threatens to eat her children if they don't listen to her. It was her maternal instinct that persuaded her husband to adopt Creepie. She loves cooking.
  • Vinnie (voiced by Dwayne Hill): A mosquito and Creepie's adoptive father. He is a New Age vegan that has a sinister vampiric appearance. Like his wife, he is loving to his adopted daughter. He loves to paint and meditate. In the first episode, his voice was originally a stereotypical Dracula voice, but it was changed to a more vague European accent in later episodes.
  • Gnat (voiced by Stevie Vallance): Creepie's younger brother, a gnat. He constantly sneaks in Creepie's backpack and causes havoc at school. Gnat is actually older than Creepie since he and Pauly were ones that persuaded their family to adopt her.
  • Pauly (voiced by David Berni): Creepie's older brother, a pillbug. He loves to eat and is a wise-cracking jokester.
  • Budge Bentley (voiced by Richard Yearwood): Creepie's best friend. He's the only one who knows Creepie's secret. While Budge might look like a bully because of his height and size in reality he's a sweet guy who wouldn't hurt a fly. He's just friends with Creepie and Chris-Alice. Budge is very smart like his dad and Budge loves yoga. He also loves etymology.
  • Chris-Alice Hollyruller (voiced by Leah Cudmore): Creepie's relentlessly happy friend and neighbor. Her catch phrases are, "Soggy Muffins" and "Super Mega Duper". Chris-Alice is on the cheerleading squad, takes karate, and is always signing Creepie up for stuff at school without asking her first. She loves Sweetie McSwiss Candy and all girly things. Her favorite color is pink. Chris-Alice is bossy and perky. Creepie told Chris-Alice her secret, and Chris-Alice told Ms. Monserate that Creepie thought she was being raised by bugs. Ms. Monserrate took Chris-Alice to her office to talk to her. Her name is a pun on the word chrysalis, a form of immature insect. Chris-Alice collects toothbrushes, loves to hula-hoop and she loves gluing pennies together for art. She has a cat named Mr. Whiskers and a chameleon named Mr. Biggles. She has a non-scary Halloween party every year, and every year when Carla and Melanie refuse to come Chris-Alice will keep calling them until they agree to come.
  • George Hollyruller (voiced by Scott McCord): Chris-Alice's father, the local exterminator. He is also the football coach at Middlington Middle School.
  • Bunny Hollyruller (voiced by Stevie Vallance): Chris-Alice's mother, a hard-selling real estate agent. Like Chris-Alice, she is bossy and perky.
  • Melanie and Carla (voiced by Athena Karkanis and Stephanie Anne Mills, respectively): Popular girls who maintain an on/off again friendship with Creepie. They are obsessed with Harry Helby, shopping, fashion, make up, and their cell phones. Carla is the leader constantly seen with her cheerleading outfit. Melanie is a stereotypical dumb blonde and has problems with pronunciations. Also it is shown that Melanie really enjoys shiny things and watches horror movies, almost as much as Budge. Melanie's favorite color is Blue and Carla's favorite color is purple. Carla and Melanie just want Creepie to be normal.
  • Harry Helby (voiced by Scott McCord): the resident heartthrob, obsessed with his hair. Melanie and Carla have a massive crush on him though he usually ignores them and is somewhat more interested in Creepie.
  • Ms. Monserrate (voiced by Julie Lemieux): a firm but fair disciplinarian and principal of Middlington Middle School. Like Dr. Pappas she's always spying on Creepie and the other students at Middlington Middle School and is a stickler for rules. She's obsessed with cleanliness. Her catchphrase is "Detention!". She will usually hand out a detention slip.
  • Dr. Pappas (voiced by Juan Chioran): Creepie's homeroom and science teacher. Dr. Pappas is always spying on Creepie and the other students at Middlington Middle School. He never cuts anybody a break if they're late turning in a class assignment or homework. He is a stickler for rules. His catch phrase is "Miss Creecher!" He refers to the students by their last names. He is probably insecure due to being practically bald and having a big nose. He is afraid of Budge.
  • Tarantula Boy (aka Skipper) (voiced by Dan Petronijevic): Creepie's love interest – seemingly half-human, half Goliath tarantula – a headliner at the carnival "freaky" show. In episode "Creepie meets Tarantula Boy", Creepie later found out he was a normal kid and Tarantula Boy was just a costume and lost interest in him. However, in the episode "Return of Tarantula Boy", he appears in a movie and meets back up with Creepie. He introduces her to his mother, who is a real tarantula. In turn, she introduced him to her family, and it turns out that Creepie's mother knew his mom when they were kids, later on, it is hinted that they would start a romantic relationship from then on, but it was never developed.
  • Marge (a giant tarantula) (voiced by Leah Cudmore): Skipper's mother and Caroleena's best friend. In the episode "Creepie Meets Tarantula Boy" she was revealed to be a giant tarantula who wears hair curlers. She made caramel apples for the carnival and that's how Skipper came to be in the freak show.
  • Dr. Lance Pierce (voiced by Patrick McKenna): a Prominent pin-happy entomologist at the Middlington Museum of Natural History and the main antagonist of the show Dr. Pierce is evil and needs braces. His catch phrase is "Oh no!".


No. Title Original air date
1 "The Tell-Tale Poem / Creepie Meets Tarantula Boy" September 9, 2006
Creepie's Mother's Day poem causes concern at school. / Creepie falls for Tarantula Boy, who is half human and half spider, when she visits a carnival.
2 "The Scared Twitch Project / Frogenstein" September 16, 2006
A school club gets lost while searching for Bugfoot. / Creepie brings a frog to life and it goes around Middlington drinking electricity.
3 "Bug It On / The Case of the Mysterious Moth" September 23, 2006
A dragonfly sabotages the cheerleading team and Creepie must lead them to a "buggy" comeback. / Creepie attends her first sleepover where a game makes a REAL ghost moth appear.
4 "Attack of the Wasp Zombies / Legend of the Locker" October 14, 2006
When Budge and other students are stung and hypnotized by a Malaysian Wasp, it's Creepie and Gnat to the rescue - karaoke-style! / Creepie unlocks the legend of Gina Redshoes who haunts the school's athletic equipment locker.
5 "Bite Nite / Night of Fright" October 28, 2006
Chris-Alice volunteers Creepie and Budge for a Blood Drive at a mysterious hospital. / Chris-Alice's Halloween Party turns out to be a let down when only Creepie shows up. But Carla and Melanie get a big fright when they accidentally stumble into Dweezwold Mansion.
6 "Roaché Motel / Little Greenhouse of Horrors" November 4, 2006
Chris-Alice, and Bunny Hollyruller are held captive in a roach trap motel until Creepie negotiates with the motel's owner. / Creepie and Budge free Gnat and Pauly from a giant bug-eating Venus Flytrap.
7 "Field of Screams / Mom Under Glass" November 25, 2006
Creepie and Budge discover an endangered American burying beetle on the school football field before the big game. But the beetle turns out to be something other than an innocent bug. / When Creepie forgets her lunch on a field trip to the Natural History Museum, Caroleena falls into the hands of an evil entomologist.
8 "Goth To Have Better Friends / Wax Attacks" January 13, 2007
Budge appears to be ignoring Creepie, so Creepie gets some new friends who are obsessed with a band called "The Hissing Roaches". / A grudge-holding wax beetle gets revenge on bug haters by waxing Melanie and Carla. Even though Creepie feels they got what they deserve, she tries her best to free them.
9 "Headless Roach Man / Invasion of the Locusts" January 20, 2007
Creepie attends her very first school dance where she mistakes a giant roach for Budge. / Creepie's locust relatives invade Middlington which annoys her, but she stands by them when George Hollyruller tries to exterminate them.
10 "Creepie's Living Doll / Operation Monarch Liberation" January 27, 2007
Creepie receives a doll from her Aunt in Mexico that turns out to be possessed. / Creepie frees butterflies from the Monarch Sanctuary, causing massive chaos.
11 "Bait and Switch / Shutterbug" March 31, 2007
Creepie accompanies Chris-Alice and her father on a fishing trip where she learns of Old Crabby, a giant crab rumored to inhabit the lake. / Creepie uses an old camera to discover a new hobby and new ways to freak out her peers.
12 "Bad Karma Chameleon / Home is Where the Haunt Is" April 7, 2007
Creepie is forced into taking care of Chris-Alice's bug-eating pet chameleon and must do everything in her power to protect her family. / When Bunny Hollyruller tries to sell Dweezwold Mansion, Creepie must do everything in their power to sour the sale.
13 "Creepie Friday / The Final Curtain" April 28, 2007
After Creepie comes home to an empty house, Budge plays out some scary scenarios of where everyone might have gone. / It seems that ghosts are haunting the stage where Creepie and her friends are performing a play.
14 "Creepie and the Candy Factory / The Ice Bug Cometh" May 26, 2007
After Chris-Alice drags Creepie to visit Sweety McSwiss's candy factory, Creepie goes behind the scenes and discovers Sweety's secret. / After Creepie frees a frozen prehistoric bug from the museum, the icebug has trouble adjusting to the modern world.
15 "Are You Afraid of the Moths? / Revenge of the Water Bug" June 9, 2007
Creepie tells a scary campfire story about giant moth people who snatch away a group of friends, one by one. / When Ms. Monserrate flushes a water bug down the toilet on the eve of the school's cleanliness inspection, the bug seeks his watery revenge!
16 "Nightmare on Locust Lane / The Mummy's Curse" October 13, 2007
Creepie hires Budge to play an "exorcist" to find out if a ghost is haunting Chris-Alice's house. / On a visit to the natural history museum, Creepie and her classmates get lost in the tomb of a mummified pharaoh, and only a dung beetle knows the way out.
17 "Children of the Pumpkin Patch / Night of A Thousand Legs" October 27, 2007
A day of pumpkin picking turns dark when Creepie and her friends end up at an eerie farm where they're haunted by a mysterious scarecrow. / On Creepie's first Halloween, her trick-or-treating is interrupted by trying to find Aunt Rose who's on the loose!
18 "Lice Lice Baby (Miami Lice) / Scorpiophobia" November 10, 2007
When Creepie's head lice cousins visit her school, it's a race against time for Creepie to escape before Monserrate flushes her cousins down the drain! / Scorpions take over the theater when Creepie and her friends go to see the big summer blockbuster.
19 "On Thin Ice / Toxic Mutant Millipede" November 24, 2007
As the kids enjoy fun in the snow, Creepie notices a snowman which seems to be following them around. / Creepie's knowledge of millipedes gives her a strategic advantage when she and Budge get sucked into the virtual "Toxic Mutant Millipede" videogame.
20 "I Was a Teenage Wolfbug / Outta Sight Space Bowl Night" December 8, 2007
After drinking a growth formula, Gnat grows to human size and becomes the most popular kid in Creepie's school. / Creepie is disappointed that her dad can't participate in a bowling night at the new Space Bowl Lanes.
21 "Rockabye Freakie / Creep of the Deep" January 12, 2008
Creepie reads the baby bugs of Dweezwold the fairy tale of Snow Black and the Four Beetles, a spoof of Snow White and the Seven Dwarves. / During a surfing contest, everyone but Creepie seems to be affected by the Curse of Black Water Beach, haunted by pirates who capsized there many years before.
22 "Going For Brogue / Yellow Jacket Racket" January 26, 2008
When the goth band slated to play the school dance cancels due to its bagpipers going batty, Creepie agrees to learn the so-called "haunted" bagpipes. / Gnat is getting bullied by some hornets in an alley, so Creepie tries to help him defend himself.
23 "The Return of Tarantula Boy / All The President's Pests" February 9, 2008
When Tarantula Boy returns, Creepie learns to appreciate his human side before learning they have more in common than she ever realized. / Chris-Alice's campaign to become school president is disrupted by some angry roaches.
24 "Creep of the Crop / Creepie Cousin" March 1, 2008
Creepie and Chris-Alice go to a nearby farm to investigate mysterious crop circles. / Creepie is left to babysit Chris-Alice's naughty bug-hating cousin.
25 "Creepie Crawling / Fashion Victim" April 12, 2008
The story of how a human baby was left on the doorstep of Dweezwold Mansion, taken in by the bugs who lived there, and raised to be a girl named Creepie Creecher. / Creepie is given a makeover against her will and enters the Fashion Forward contest.
26 "Wanna Bee / The Haunting of Tiki Lagoon" June 21, 2008
Carla is challenged as the school's "Queen Bee" by a new girl who may be more of a queen bee than she. / Creepie and her friends explore Tiki Island, a jungle paradise, in search of treasure, but some haunted Tiki statues are not making it easy.


The theme song "Creepie Kids" and other songs featured throughout the first series are performed by Samantha Lombardi. They were written by Michael Puskas / Samantha Lombardi, Clarence Jey / and produced by Michael Puskas / Clarence Jey. "Creepie Kids" and the song "Life Lessons", heard in the episode "Goth to Have Better Friends", was released on Lombardi's 2007 album, Full Stop. The music was featured on a DVD released by Mike Young Productions for a collection of episodes from the second series.

The instrumental score heard throughout the show was composed by Guy Michelmore, who was nominated for an Annie for his music for the series.

DVD release[edit]

A DVD of Growing Up Creepie was released for Region 1 on August 28, 2007. The single disc volume is titled Creepie's Creatures Volume 1 and features seven episodes. Bonus features includes Creepie's Buggin' Trivia Game and an episode of Corwin Unleashed entitled "Creepy Creatures". It also had a DVD release in Australia from Madman Entertainment. There were plans for other volumes in Australia but they were never released.

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  • YTV (2007–2009)




Australia and New Zealand

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Serbia, Montenegro, Bosnia & Herzegovina, FYR Macedonia (in Serbian)

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