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HOCON,[1] or Human-Optimized Config Object Notation is a format for human-readable data, and a superset of JSON.

Uses of HOCON[edit]

  • It is primarily used in conjunction with the Play framework,[2] and is developed by Lightbend.
  • It is also supported as a configuration format for .NET projects via Akka.NET[3][4] and Puppet.[5]
  • TIBCO Streaming:[6] HOCON is the primary configuration file format for the TIBCO Streaming[7] family of products (StreamBase, LiveView, and Artifact Management Server) as of TIBCO Streaming Release 10.[8]
  • It is also the primary configuration file format for several subsystems of Exabeam Advanced Analytics.[9]
  • Jitsi uses it the "new" config system and .properties-Files as fallback[10][11]

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