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The 1988 Haitian general election took place on 17 January 1988,[1] after the 1987 general election had been cancelled due to an election day massacre of voters either orchestrated or condoned by the Haitian military.[2] The elections were boycotted by most candidates who had contested the previous elections and turnout was lower than 4%.[2]

The official results were made public on 24 January, and it was a victory for Leslie Manigat of the Rally of Progressive National Democrats.[3] However, he was removed from office on 20 June, in a military coup.[2]



Candidate Party Votes %
Leslie Manigat Rally of Progressive National Democrats 534,110 50.2
Hubert de Ronceray Movement for National Development 209,526 19.7
Gérard Philippe Auguste Peasant Worker Movement 151,391 14.2
Grégoire Eugène Social Christian Party 97,556 9.2
Alphonse Lahèns 34,371 3.2
Michel Lamartinière Honorat 16,550 1.6
Jean Théagène 15,113 1.4
Hugo Noël 2,892 0.3
Arnold Dumas 1,264 0.1
Hector Estimé 471 0.0
Dieuveuil Joseph 149 0.0
Lysias Verret 77 0.0
Edouard Francisque 59 0.0
Raphaël François 8 0.0
Invalid/blank votes
Total 1,063,537 100
Source: Nohlen


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