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Handango, Inc.
TypeMobile Content Delivery
IndustrySoftware Sales
HeadquartersIrving, TX
Key people
Alex Bloom - CEO
Revenue$5.5 (est.) 2007 Sales (mil.)
Number of employees

Handango was an online store selling mobile apps for personal digital assistants and smartphones.


Handango InHand was founded in 1999 by Randy Eisenman. It is an app store for finding, installing, and buying software for mobile devices. It was made available in 2003 for Symbian UIQ users,[1][2][3] 2004 for Windows Mobile[3][4] and Palm OS,[5][6] 2005 for Blackberry,[7] and 2006 for Symbian S60.[8][9]

Application downloads and purchases are completed directly on the device. Descriptions, ratings and screenshots are available for all applications.[10][11] In February 2011, Handango's new owner PocketGear Inc. re-branded as Appia,[12] shifting focus to on-device OEM branded store apps. Consequently, both Handango's and PocketGear's websites were shut down in 2013.[13]


In 2010, PocketGear announced its acquisition of Handango.[14]


In 2011, PocketGear shifted its model to become a white-label app marketplace platform.[15]

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