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Logo of Nokia Download!

Nokia Download!, originally Nokia Catalogs,[1][2] was a mobile application for Nokia devices that allowed access to digitally distributed media content. Catalogs/Download! came preloaded on most Symbian S60 smartphones from Nokia (from 2006), as well as some later Series 40 feature phones. Most of the content was paid.[3]

The Catalogs/Download! store had access to applications, tones, videos, graphics, games, and news content[4][5] from aggregators Nokia Software Market, WidSets,[6] and third-parties like Handango, Jamster and Yahoo! Go. In June 2006 Nokia announced the Nokia Content Discoverer[7][1][8][9] and signed deals that brought content from Electronic Arts, Warner Bros and others to the Content Discoverer.[10][11][12][13]

Nokia had earlier in 2004 attempted to create such a system with Preminet, an end-to-end global sales channel.[14] The Content Discoverer is effectively an evolution of it.[15] Both the names Catalogs and Content Discoverer were soon replaced solely by "Download!".[16]

A web client PC equivalent called Nokia Download Store was piloted under Nokia Beta Labs and was available from June 2008.[17]

Download! was replaced by the Ovi Store in 2009.[18][19]

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