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Yahoo! Games
Web address
Commercial? Yes
Type of site
Registration Optional
Owner Yahoo!
Created by Yahoo!
Current status Defuncted since 2014

Yahoo Games is the section of the Yahoo! website in which Yahoo users can play games either with other users or by themselves. The majority of Yahoo Games were closed down on 31 March 2014. Yahoo Announced that "changes in supporting technologies and increased security requirements for our own Yahoo web pages, made it impossible to keep the games running safely and securely."[1]


The games on the website are typically Java applets or quick Flash games, but there are others which require a download. Many of the games that require a download contain TryMedia Adware (According to McAfee SiteAdvisor). Yahoo Games also includes Yahoo Video Games, which provides news, previews and reviews of currently available or upcoming First Party games–and Yahoo Games on Demand–which provides free demos and full-size downloads of full PC games for a charge.

The site also features an "All Star" system for users, in which a user can pay to get an All Star username. All Star users are able to get extra privileges on Yahoo Games sites such as disabling pop-up ads. All Star users do not have playable games without downloading.

Yahoo Games was built on Yahoo!'s acquisition of (created by Internet entrepreuer Joel Comm and programmer Eron Jokipii) in 1997. [2] The current Yahoo Video Games section of the site was formerly known as Games Domain, from back when Yahoo! acquired the website in 2003. As of April 2011, Yahoo Games holds over 1,400 games, most of which were developed externally.


Board games[edit]

Playable online (PO), Downloadable (D), Mobile (M), Skill (S)

  • Jigsaw: Landscapes D
  • Jigsaw: Medley D
  • Jigsaw: Pet D
  • Jigsaw: Wyland D
  • Literati PO
  • Luxor Mahjong D
  • Mah Jong PO
  • Mah Jong Adventures D
  • Mah Jong Garden D
  • Mah Jong Jade Expedition D
  • Mah Jong Medly D, PO
  • Mah Jong Towers Eternity D, PO
  • Mah-Jomino D
  • Mahjong Escape D, PO
  • Mahjong Match D
  • Mahjong Treasure S
  • Mahjong Fortuna S
  • Midas Mahjong S
  • Monopoly 3 D
  • Naval Command PO
  • Poker Pop D, PO
  • Reversi PO
  • Saints and Sinners Bingo D, PO
  • Sudoko: Latin Squares D
  • Super Mah Jong D
  • Word Slinger D

Up until March 2014, Yahoo! Games included a popular internet chess server. In his book, The Chess Player's Bible: Illustrated Strategies for Staying Ahead of the Game, (2004), James Eade recommended Yahoo Chess as the best of Internet chess, writing that "action is to be found there at all times." Yahoo Chess differed from more contemporary Internet chess servers in its complete lack of oversight regarding user conduct or chess engine use.

Card games[edit]

Playable online (PO), Downloadable (D), Mobile (M), Skill (S)

  • Addiction Solitaire D, PO
  • Aloha Solitaire D, PO
  • Aloha TriPeaks D, PO
  • Ancient 4 in 1 GamePak D
  • Ancient Hearts and Spades D
  • Ancient Tri-Jong D
  • Ancient Tripeaks D
  • Blackjack PO
  • Canasta PO
  • Contract Bridge PO
  • Cribbage PO
  • Deuces Wild Video Poker PO

Other games[edit]

Playable online (PO), Downloadable (D), Mobile (M), Skill (S)

  • Tradewinds 2 D, PO
  • Tradewinds Legends D, PO
  • Word Racer PO

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  • Eade, James. The Chess Player's Bible: Illustrated Strategies for Staying Ahead of the Game, 2004.

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