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Inside Mac Games
Web address
Commercial Yes
Type of site
Mac gaming news site
Registration Optional
Owner Tuncer Deniz
Created by Tuncer Deniz
Launched 1993 (as a magazine)
Alexa rank
Negative increase 318,012 (April 2014)[1]
Current status online

Inside Mac Games, or IMG for short, is a website dedicated to Apple Macintosh computer gaming. Founded in 1993, Inside Mac Games has transitioned from an electronic magazine into a web-only publication. As such, it is the largest and oldest Macintosh gaming publication,[citation needed] and is still operated by its founder, Tuncer Deniz.


The website began as a downloadable magazine at AOL, with authors from AOL's Mac Games forum. The first issue was published February 1993, featuring a preview of Graphic Simulations' F/A-18 Hornet 1.0. The newsletter soon turned to distribution via floppy disk, and in 1995 via CD-ROM, which enabled on-disc extras.

In 1996, Deniz left IMG to work for Bungie Software for nearly four years as a producer for titles such as Marathon 2: Durandal for Windows, Abuse, Weekend Warrior, and Marathon Infinity, and a project leader for Myth II: Soulblighter. In 1999, Deniz returned to take the helm of IMG, which was now a website. In 2000, the CD-ROM distribution of the newsletter was dropped, although an occasional games CD-ROM is distributed to subscribers.

About IMG[edit]

IMG is a well read website on video games developed for Apple Mac computers. Deniz's relationships in the gaming business garners interview articles with industry insiders, such as a long-running interview series with Glenda Adams, who was the director of development at Aspyr. The front portal page is a news site with good traffic, and the user forums are active with over 10,400 members and over 250,000 posts as of June 2011.[citation needed]

IMG's sibling sites include:

  • Mac Game Files (MGF), a game-related download site;
  • Mac Game Store, an online store for Macintosh games;
  • Mac Games Arcade, an online digital distribution system for Mac games;
  • Inside PS2 Games (defunct,) a PlayStation 2 outlet[2]

Inside Mac Games was included as one Safari's default bookmarks, but was dropped from the release of Safari 3.[citation needed]


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