High Risk (novel)

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High Risk is the fourth volume of Nancy Drew: Girl Detective, written under the pseudonym Carolyn Keene.

Nancy is invited by her boyfriend Ned to dinner. There she meets a FBI agent who is a friend of the Nickersons'. Ned asked if he did any flying before, and the General invites Ned to learn how to fly and Ned agrees.

When Ned arrives at the first lesson he is tense. Ned invites Nancy to come along. Before the lesson, Nancy saw a man come towards one of the owners of the flying school who makes the appointments for lessons. Later, Nancy enjoys the flying lesson and asks her father if she can take lessons. Her father agrees. She finds out that her flying instructor is involved in a gang which steals old items. These include laws.

Meanwhile, her father was called upon by Ms. Waters, the librarian, to support her in a case. The case was against Rackham Industries, who said that they own the land which Ms. Waters is on.

Nancy tries to solve the case for Ms. Waters, where she tries to find a zoning law which will help her in the case, which is stolen.

While her lessons in flying, she solves the case which says that her flying instructor is the thief, without knowing how to land, her instructor gets knocked out. She calls the FBI agent over radio who helps her land the plane.

She then confronts her instructor and she saves Ms. Waters' land.