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For the Northlink ferry see MS Hildasay

Norse nameHildasey
Meaning of namebattle island, or island of Hilda
Hildasay is located in Shetland
Hildasay shown within Scotland
OS grid referenceHU355403
Coordinates60°08′N 1°22′W / 60.14°N 1.36°W / 60.14; -1.36
Physical geography
Island groupShetland
Area108 hectares (0.42 sq mi)
Area rank146 [1]
Highest elevation32 metres (105 ft)
Sovereign stateUnited Kingdom
Council areaShetland Islands

Hildasay (Old Norse: Hildasey), also known as Hildisay, is an uninhabited island off the west coast of the Shetland Mainland.

The pier on Hildasay

Geography and geology[edit]

Hildasay has an area of 108 hectares (0.42 sq mi), and is 32 metres (105 ft) at its highest point. It consists of red-green granite (epidotic syenite) that was quarried for many years.[3][6]

The south coast has two narrow inlets, Cusa Voe and Tangi Voe. "West", the larger of two lochs, has a single islet. A satellite island, Linga lies to the south east. A long line of skerries and holms lies to the north west.[3]


The island possibly takes its name from a Norse war goddess.[6]

Hildasay has been uninhabited since the late nineteenth century, but as late as 1891 had a population of 30. The island's former industries included curing herring and quarrying granite. The remains of a railway line leading from the quarry to the harbour can still be seen.[6]


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Coordinates: 60°8′48″N 1°21′35″W / 60.14667°N 1.35972°W / 60.14667; -1.35972