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Hindola Festival celebrated in Shri Swaminarayan Mandir, Vadtal.

Hindola is a festival celebrated in the Hindu Religion.[1] It refers to the decorative swings that are prepared with items such as cloth, food (fruit, dry fruit etc.) and are colourful.[2]


The festival finds its origin in the streets of Vrindavan over 5000 years ago where the Gopis rocked Krishna on a decorated swing. Ever since, to experience the divine joy of rocking Krishna in a small swing, the hindola festival became the focus of devotion.Hindola originates from the pushti marg vaishnav sect. In Pushtimarg, Hindola is made of wood, gold, silver. They are decorated with flowers, fruits, dry fruits, vegetables, pavitra garlands, rakhis, glass, jari, pearls etc. Hindola remains one of the most aucpicious festivals for pushti marg vaishnavs.

Each day of the month of Shraavan, the Hindola is decorated in different material (mirrors, flowers, colors, etc.).


It occurs in the months of Shravan or Ashadh in the Vikram Samvat calendar.[3]

Celebrations in Swaminarayan temples[edit]

Today in temples of the Swaminarayan Faith, the festival is celebrated by decorating a swing in various ways throughout the whole month. They are decorated with any theme that can be thought of, from flowers to Gold Coins. Satsangis go to the temple daily to rock an idol of Swaminarayan on a swing, perform Aarti and to prepare the most elaborate Hindolas.[4]


Songs of Hindola, which were sung by saints like Premanand Swami, are sung accompanied by musical instruments during this festival.[5]