Hockley Valley Provincial Nature Reserve

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Hockley Valley Provincial Nature Reserve
Nottawasaga River tributary.jpg
A Nottawasaga River tributary within the reserve.
Map showing the location of Hockley Valley Provincial Nature Reserve
Map showing the location of Hockley Valley Provincial Nature Reserve
Location Ontario, Canada
Nearest city Mono
Coordinates 43°59′6″N 80°3′44″W / 43.98500°N 80.06222°W / 43.98500; -80.06222Coordinates: 43°59′6″N 80°3′44″W / 43.98500°N 80.06222°W / 43.98500; -80.06222
Area 3.78 km2 (1.46 sq mi)
Established 1989
Governing body Ontario Parks

Hockley Valley Provincial Nature Reserve is a nature reserve located on the Niagara Escarpment within the township of Mono, Ontario, Canada. It is managed by Ontario Parks. Approximately 80% of the Cannings Falls Area of Natural and Scientific Interest is within the borders of the park; land acquisitions are planned to encompass it entirely.[1][2] The Bruce Trail links the reserve to other protected areas of the Niagara Escarpment.


The topography of the area was greatly influenced by glacial processes, followed by fluvial erosion. The reserve is characterized by a till moraine and other glacial features, such as kames and kettles.[3][4] A deeply cut tributary valley to the Nottawasaga River bisects the reserve through its centre. The Niagara Escarpment's dolostone caprock (the Amabel Formation) can be seen in the upper parts of the gorge; rapids and waterfalls expose stratigraphic succession down to the Queenston Shale.[1]

Flora and fauna[edit]

Within the reserve, 417 species of vascular plants, many of which are rare, have been identified. This includes the regionally rare cuckoo flower and the sand violet, as well as the nationally endangered butternut, population of which has dwindled due to the butternut canker disease.[2][5] Fauna includes the locally rare northern long-eared bat, the nationally vulnerable Louisiana waterthrush and the northern brook lamprey, as well as the nationally threatened Jefferson salamander.[2]


Recereation in the park is limited. Due to the park's designation as a nature reserve, permitted activities are limited to hiking, and snowshoeing; no visitor facilities are present or planned.[2]


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