Yatee Zapotec

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Yatee Zapotec
Lachirioag Zapotec
Native to Mexico
Region northern Oaxaca
Native speakers
5,000 (2004)[1]
  • Yatee Zapotec
  • Lachirioag Zapotec
Language codes
ISO 639-3 zty
Glottolog yate1242[2]

Yatee Zapotec and Lachirioag Zapotec (San Cristóbal Lachiruaj) are dialects of a Zapotec language of Oaxaca, Mexico.

The Mexican government organization INALI recognizes both Yalálag Zapotec and Yatee Zapotec as a variety of Zapotec called Zapoteco serrano, del sureste.[3]


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