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Іллінці, вул. Соборна 13, Будинок Манова.jpg
Flag of Illintsi
Illintsi coat of arms
Coat of arms
Illintsi is located in Vinnytsia Oblast
Illintsi is located in Ukraine
Coordinates: 49°06′20″N 29°12′32″E / 49.10556°N 29.20889°E / 49.10556; 29.20889Coordinates: 49°06′20″N 29°12′32″E / 49.10556°N 29.20889°E / 49.10556; 29.20889
Country  Ukraine
Oblast  Vinnytsia Oblast
Raion Illintsi Raion
Founded 1391
 • Total 10.87 km2 (4.20 sq mi)
Population (2015)
 • Total Increase 11,374[1]
Postal code 22700
Area code(s) +380 4345

Illintsi (Ukrainian: Іллінці, Polish: Ilińce) is a town in Vinnytsia Oblast, Ukraine. It serves as the administrative center of Illintsi Raion, one of the raions (districts) of the oblast. Population: 11,374 (2015 est.)[1]

Not far from the town is the Ilyinets crater.


Historical affiliations

Grand Duchy of Lithuania 1391–1569
Polish–Lithuanian Commonwealth 1569–1672
 Ottoman Empire 1672–1699
Polish–Lithuanian Commonwealth 1699–1793
 Russian Empire 1793–1917
Soviet Ukraine 1920–1922
 Soviet Union 1922–1991
 Ukraine 1991–present

In 1757, Ilińce was granted Magdeburg rights by King Augustus III of Poland. It was a private town of the Crown of the Kingdom of Poland, located in the Bracław Voivodeship and owned by the Sanguszko family.

Before World War II, the majority of the population was Jewish. Germans entered the town on July 1941 and kept the Jews as prisoners in a ghetto soon after.[2] On November 1941, 43 Jews are murdered by Ukrainian policemen. On April 24, 1942, around 1,000 Jews from the town and nearby villages are assassinated in a mass execution. 700 others were murdured at the end of May 1942. At the end of 1942, remaining Jews were deported in a labor camp and the ghetto destroyed in December 1942.[3]

Twin towns[edit]

Illintsi is twinned with:


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