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Alice by Arthur Rackham
Alice by Blanche McManus
Alice by Peter Newell

Illustrators of the Alice books, Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking-Glass, number more than 70. The focus here is on British editions, but some other English-language editions are included. This is an attempt to list all major illustrators of the Alice books from 1899 to the present day.

Alice's Adventures in Wonderland was first published in 1865, but it was withdrawn as the illustrator, John Tenniel, was unhappy with the quality of the printing. The text blocks were sent to America where they were bound with a new title page and sold there. Apart from E. Gertrude Thomson, who illustrated the cover of The Nursery "Alice" (1890), the first artist other than Tenniel to produce illustrations for Alice was Beatrix Potter in the 1890s; she created six illustrations, but none appeared in book form.[1]


In America, until 1891, publishers could reprint British books without the copyright restraint, but from that date on they had to get the agreement of the UK publishers and authors. As a result, several US publishing houses issued copies of the Alice books with Tenniel illustrations. McManus was the first to attempt the task of providing new illustrations for the books in 1899. Up to 1907, Macmillan held the exclusive copyright of Alice's Adventures in Britain and the Colonies. When the copyright ran out many publishers took the opportunity to issue the Alice book with new illustrations, and around 20 editions appeared in the following two years alone. (The Through the Looking-Glass copyright did not run out until 1948).[1]

The illustrators[edit]

  • Blanche McManus, the first American editions of the Alice books with new illustrations, published by Mansfield & Wessels in 1899. The books were published in a combined edition in 1900 by Wessels, after the publishing partnership dissolved.
  • J. R. Sinclair, an illustrated Alice published by The National Sunday School Union (London) in the Red Nursery Series, no date (circa 1900-1910)
  • Peter Newell, Alice published by Harper USA in 1901 & Looking-Glass in 1902
  • Maria L. Kirk (& John Tenniel) published by Stokes USA in 1904
  • Bessie Pease Gutmann, Alice first published by Dodge USA in 1907 & Looking-Glass in 1909; first UK edition by Milne in 1908
  • Thomas Maybank, published by Routledge c. 1907/8
  • Millicent Sowerby, published by Chatto & Windus in 1907, then an American edition by Duffield/Chatto & Windus in 1908. These editions each contain 12 illustrations. A second set of eight, different illustrations appears in a completely separate edition published by Henry Frowde/Hodder and Stoughton (London) in 1908.
  • Arthur Rackham, published by Heinemann in 1907 in a limited edition of 1,130 copies; also a trade edition in a smaller format
  • Charles Robinson, published by Cassell in 1907
  • W. H. Walker, published by John Lane in 1907. There are around five different binding variants of the first edition including; leather, suede, blue cloth and paper-covered boards.
  • Brinsley Le Fanu, published by Benn c. 1907 in one volume
  • R. E. McEune, published by Milner & Co., c. 1907
  • Alice Ross, published by Nimmo, Hay & Mitchell, undated, c. 1907
  • T. H. Robinson & Charles Pears, published by Collins in 1908
  • Harry Rountree, published by Nelson in 1908. There was also a new edition published by Collins in 1928 with new illustrations by Rountree.
  • Walter Hawes, published by Scott in 1908
  • (Evelyn) Stuart Hardy, published by John F. Shaw c. 1908. There are 8 illustrations but within 2 issues of the book (4 in one and a different 4 in another). There is also an undated edition from the same publisher with all eight illustrations.
  • K. M. Roberts, also known as K.M.R., an edition of Alice published by Partridge in 1908
  • Mabel Lucie Attwell, published by Raphael Tuck in 1910
  • George Soper, published by Headley 1911
  • Frank Adams, published by Blackie in 1912
  • Alice B. Woodward, published by Bell in 1913
  • Millicent Sowerby, published by Hodder & Stoughton in 1913 - a new set of illustrations, not a reprint of her 1907 work.
  • A. E. Jackson, published by Humphrey Milford in 1915
  • Gordon Robinson, published by Kelly in 1916[2]
  • Margaret W. Tarrant, published by Ward Lock in 1916 with 48 illustrations
  • Milo Winter, published by Rand McNally & Company in 1916
  • Agnes Richardson, published by Geographia Ltd., no date (circa 1920)
  • Charles Folkard, published by Black in 1921 – the poems from the Alice books set to music by Lucy E. Broadwood.
  • A. L. Bowley, published by Tuck in 1921
  • Edgar B. Thurstan, Alice and Looking Glass, Odhams Press Ltd (London), no date (circa 1921)
  • Gwynedd M. Hudson, published by Hodder & Stoughton in 1922 in a limited edition
  • Dudley Jarrett, published by Readers Library, undated (c. 1924)
  • Hume Henderson, published by Readers Library, undated (c. 1928)
  • Jessie M. King (cover), Winifred M. Ackroyd (black & white illustrations), Charles Pears (colour frontis & title page), published by Collins c. 1928
  • Helen Munro, published by Nelson in 1932
  • J. Morton Sale, published by Wm Clowes c. 1933
  • D. R. Sexton, published by Shaw in 1933
  • Helen Jacobs, published by Philip & Tacey in 1935, Alice retold by Constance M. Martin
  • M. L. Clements, published by Hutchinson c. 1936
  • Honor C. Appleton, published by Harrap in 1936
  • A. H. Watson, published by Collins in 1939
  • Irene Mountford, published by Collins in 1939 with stills from the Paramount film
  • Gil Dyer, published by Foulsham c. 1939
  • Rene Cloke, Alice published by Gawthorne in 1943 and Looking-Glass in 1950
  • Anthony Rado, published by Cornelius c. 1944
  • Robert Högfeldt, published (in a Swedish combined edition) by Jan Förlag, Sweden, in 1945
  • Harry Riley, published by Arthur Barron in 1945
  • Linda Card, Alice published by Whitman in 1945
  • Mervyn Peake, first published by Zephyr, Sweden in 1946 and then by Wingate, London in 1954
  • Eileen Soper, published by Harrap in 1947
  • Hugh Gee (& John Tenniel), published by Max Parrish in 1948 with 16 scenes by Gee
  • Philip Gough, published by Heirloom in 1949
  • Leonard Weisgard, published by Harper and Brothers in 1949
  • A. A. Nash, Alice in Wonderland published by Juvenile Productions, no date (circa 1950s)
  • G. W. Backhouse, published by Collins in 1951
  • Libico Maraja, Alice published by W. H. Allen in 1957 & Looking-Glass in 1959
  • Patricia Morris, published by Beaverbrook c. 1960
  • Pauline Baynes, published by Blackie c. 1960
  • David Walsh & John Cooper, published by Ward Lock in 1962
  • Tove Jansson, Swedish edition, 1966; first English-language edition published in 1977 by Delacorte Press, New York; first UK edition by Tate Publishing in 2011
  • Ralph Steadman, Alice published by Dobson in 1967 & Looking-Glass published by MacGibbon & Kee in 1972
  • Janet and Anne Grahame Johnstone, published by World Distribution in 1968
  • Salvador Dalí, published by Maecenas Press New York in 1969
  • Kuniyoshi Kaneko, published by Olivette in 1974
  • Moritz Kennel, published by Phaidon in 1975
  • Barry Moser, Alice published in a limited edition by Pennyroyal in 1982 & Looking-Glass the same year
  • Justin Todd, Alice published by Gollancz in 1984 & Looking-Glass in 1986
  • Anthony Browne, published by MacRae in 1985. Winner of the Kurt Maschler Award.
  • George A. Walker, first Canadian artist to illustrate both books, Alice in 1988, Looking-Glass in 1998, published by Cheshire Cat Press
  • Peter Weevers, published by Hutchinson in 1989
  • Malcolm Ashman, Looking-Glass published by Dragon's World in 1989 and Alice in 1990
  • Angel Dominguez, Alice, published by Workman Publishing, New York, 1996; Looking-Glass, published by Inky Parrott Press, Oxford, 2015 – limited edition signed by the artist[3]
  • Helen Oxenbury, Alice published by Walker in a signed limited edition in 1999 & Looking-Glass in 2005. Oxenbury won the Kate Greenaway Medal and the Kurt Maschler Award for Alice.
  • Lisbeth Zwerger, published by North-South Books in 1999
  • Robert Sabuda, pop-up book published by Simon & Schuster in 2003
  • Peter Blake, Looking-Glass only; published in a signed limited edition by D3 Editions in 2004.
  • Michael Foreman, published by Sterling in 2004
  • Pat Andrea, published by Editions Diane de Selliers in 2006 (bilingual French and English edition of both Alice and Looking-Glass)
  • Rodney Matthews, published by Templar 2008
  • John Vernon Lord, published in a limited edition by Artist's Choice in 2009 and Looking-Glass in 2011
  • Robert Ingpen, published by Walker Books 2009, Looking-Glass published by Templar 2015
  • Yayoi Kusama, published by Penguin in 2012
  • Kriss Sison, omnibus edition with manga-influenced illustrations, published by Seven Seas in 2014[4]
  • In 2015, Inky Parrott Press published a limited edition of Alice with a different artist for each chapter.[3]


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