Iranians in the United Arab Emirates

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Iranians in the United Arab Emirates
Total population
(500,000 (2015)[1]
5.2% of the UAE population[1])
Regions with significant populations
Abu Dhabi · Dubai
Persian · English · Arabic
Predominately Shi'a Islam

Iranians in the United Arab Emirates are Emirati citizens or residents of the United Arab Emirates of Iranian national background. The community accounts for 5% of the country's population.


Due to the geographical proximity between Iran and the United Arab Emirates, Persians were the first major group of foreign settlers in the region, with a history dating back to the 1810s.[2] The UAE is currently home to 500,000 Iranian expatriates, most of whom live in Dubai.[3] The Iranian Club in Dubai is the main social club of Iranian expatriates in the country.

Business and organisations[edit]

There are an estimated 8,000 Iranian-backed businesses in Dubai.[4] Iranians have invested over $300 billion into the country.[5] There is an Iranian Business Council - Dubai. There is also an Iranian Hospital in Dubai.

Iran maintains an embassy in Abu Dhabi and a consulate-general in Dubai.


There are two notable Iranian mosques: the Iranian Mosque in Bur Dubai and the Iranian Mosque in Satwa.

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