Monastery of Iviron

Coordinates: 40°14′44″N 24°17′05″E / 40.2455°N 24.2848°E / 40.2455; 24.2848
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Monastery as seen from a nearby trail
Monastery of Iviron is located in Mount Athos
Monastery of Iviron
Location within Mount Athos
Monastery information
Full nameMonastery of Iviron
Orderformerly Georgian Orthodox Church
now Patriarchate of Constantinople
Establishedbetween 980-983 AD
Dedicated toDormition of the Theotokos
Founder(s)John the Iberian and Tornike Eristavi
PriorArchimandrite Elder Nathanael
Important associated figuresGeorge of Athos, Tornikios, John the Iberian, Euthymius of Athos
LocationGreece Mount Athos, Greece
Coordinates40°14′44″N 24°17′05″E / 40.2455°N 24.2848°E / 40.2455; 24.2848
Public accessMen only

The Monastery of Iviron (Georgian: ქართველთა მონასტერი, romanized: kartvelta monast'eri; Greek: Μονή Ιβήρων, romanizedMonḗ Ivirōn) is an Eastern Orthodox monastery in the monastic community of Mount Athos in northern Greece.


The monastery was built under the supervision of two Georgian monks, John the Iberian and Tornike Eristavi between AD 980–83 and housed Georgian clergy and priests. It was founded on the site of the former Monastery of Clement. John the Iberian was appointed as the abbot of the newly founded monastery in 980. In 1005, Euthymius the Iberian became the secondary abbot of Iviron Monastery.[1] In Greek, Iviron literally means "of the Iberians". The monastery ranks third in the Athonite hierarchy of 20 sovereign monasteries.[2]

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