Iwrestledabearonce (EP)

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Iwrestledabearonce EP
Iwrestledabearonce EP.jpg
EP by Iwrestledabearonce
Released December 15, 2007
Genre Avant-garde metal
Label Tragic Hero
Producer Iwrestledabearonce
Iwrestledabearonce chronology
Iwrestledabearonce EP
It's All Happening
(2009)It's All Happening2009
Singles from Iwrestledabearonce EP
  1. "Ulrich Firelord: Breaker of Mountains"
    Released: October 30, 2007[1]

Iwrestledabearonce EP is the first release by Iwrestledabearonce, released December 15, 2007 through Tragic Hero Records. The EP was re-released as a 10" vinyl on March 6, 2012.[2]

Background and insight[edit]

The EP contains five songs, all of which boast extreme tempo and change between various genres throughout, as well as the use of short cover tunes or samples (including the theme from Inspector Gadget as well as samples from other popular media such as Scary Movie, Close Encounters of the Third Kind, Super Mario Bros. and Clerks). The EP also features a remix of "Ulrich Firelord: Breaker of Mountains" by Dada Yakuza.

Due to the band's lack of a drummer at the time, the drumming was produced in a drum machine program.[3]

Track listing[edit]

1."Ulrich Firelord: Breaker of Mountains"3:47
2."Alaskan Flounder Basket"2:45
3."Vlork: Mighty Wielder of Sheep"4:49
4."Still Jolly After All These Years"2:40
5."Corey Feldman Holocaust"4:04
6."Firelord Ulrich" (Remix by Dada Yakuza)5:40


  • Krysta Cameron – vocals, lyrics
  • Steven Bradley – guitars, programming, keys, samples, drum programming
  • Brian Dozier – bass guitar
  • John Ganey - guitar, programming, keys, samples


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