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Frontage of Jews' Court

Jews' Court is the headquarters of the Society for Lincolnshire History and Archaeology. The Jews' Court is a building which contains some Norman stonework on Steep Hill in Lincoln, immediately above Jew's House. It is dated to between 1150 and 1180.[1] The Jews Court is a Grade I listed building and a recent architectural survey has shown that there is very little medieval stonework above basement level in the existing building.[2] Documentary evidence of 1290 when the Jewish community of Lincoln were expelled now shows that the Jews' Court has always been divided into two houses and a charter of 1316 mentions that a Jewish scola or synagogue had stood to the west in the tenement behind these two houses.[3]

In 1910, a well was dug in the basement of the building; the owner subsequently claimed that this was where the body of Little Saint Hugh of Lincoln had been found and charged people to see it.[4]

In 1992, the Lincolnshire Jewish Community, which is affiliated with Liberal Judaism,[5] started to hold regular shabbat services in a lecture and meeting room in the building. These are held on the first and the third Sabbath of each month as well as on the High Holy Days [6]

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