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Jihan Zencirli
Born (1985-07-06) July 6, 1985 (age 34)
ResidenceLos Angeles, New York
NationalityTurkish American
Known forInstallation, Sculpture, Public Speaking
MovementInstallation art, Performance art, Sculpture

Jihan Zencirli (born July 6, 1985) is a Turkish-American visual artist, conceptual artist, sculpture artist and public speaker living in Los Angeles and New York. Zencirli, who is credited under the artist moniker GERONIMO, has been noted by [1] The New York Times to create “arguably the most recognizable public art installations in the country.”[1]


Zencirli is historically referred to as "Mother" or founder of a popular sub-industry of balloon design and is known for her large public art installations. [2]

Zencirli is the creator and owner of the companies Geronimo and Fondazione Geronimo.[3] Her medium focuses on installation, sculpture, digital and performance art. Geronimo Studio in Los Angeles is located in the former mixed-arts studio of Memphis Group founding member, Peter Shire. [4][5]

In 2010, Zencirli began experimenting with a package of large balloons she had left over from a work project at her job for a children's character educational company. After decorating one of the balloons to take to a friend's birthday party she began to get requests from friends and strangers to recreate the gift.[6][7]

In 2011, Zencirli moved from her hometown of Seattle, Washington to Los Angeles, California to embark on an art endeavour which led to her founding Geronimo Balloons.[8][6] Since 2011, Zencirli and her designs have been featured in commercial ad campaigns including GM, Google, General Electric, AirBnb, Square, Inc., T-Mobile, Squarespace and Tampax as well as the 2019 music video and stage performances of American pop group, the Jonas Brothers.[9]

In 2016, Zencirli was commissioned by The Broad museum in downtown Los Angeles for their one year anniversary. The temporary installation consisting of thousands of balloons could be seen on the front of the building in celebration.[10]

Also in 2016 Zencirli was featured in Oprah Magazine,[6] In Style and on Gwyneth Paltrow's lifestyle blog, Goop.com, where Paltrow listed Zencirli as one of her favorite artists. [11] That same year she appeared in a 2017 Cadillac campaign called, "Dare Greatly", along with furniture designer Stephen Kenn. This is the first time Cadillac has created an all digital campaign solely devoted to this concept.[12]

In 2017, Zencirli received the Edge award at the L.A. Design Festival for her significant contribution to the L.A.'s Design Culture. [13][10]

Beginning January 2018, Zencirli was invited by New York City Ballet to create her signature installations for their sixth annual Art Series. As the first female collaborator selected, Zencirli inflated more than 200,000 compostable, biodegradable balloons ranging in size from ten inches to ten feet, in a series of installations and collaborative pieces the Ballet’s home at Lincoln Center Previous years' artists included french political artist JR, Dustin Yellin and Marcel Dzama.[14]

In March 2018, The NGV Triennial and Melbourne Design Week hosted multiple works by Zencirli as part of a city-wide arts initiative.[15]

In September 2018, Zencirli created a 4 day multi-sensory installation for London Design Festival in Shoreditch. [16]

In 2018, Zencirli was commissioned as the first artist to create a temporary exhibit atop the edifice of the David & Gladys Wright House in Phoenix Arizona, the pre-curser of cantilevered architecture to The Guggenheim Museum. The exhibit honored the transition from private ownership to donation to the School of Architecture at Taliesin, formerly known as the Frank Lloyd Wright School of Architecture.[17]

In June 2018, Zencirli, who has said that her work "is about looking up and getting out of yourself for a moment", debuted a six month sculpture residency on Pier 17 on the South Street Seaport suspended over the East River in Lower Manhattan[18].

In July 2019, on London's Greenwich Peninsula, along the Thames River path, an elevated walkway designed by Diller Scofidio Renfro, Zencirli installed 25 sculptures along the route, with additional sculptures by British artists Damien Hirst and Allen Jones and Antony Gormley's 1999 Quantum Cloud already in place on the water. Yoko Ono's Wish Tree installation also coincided as companionship to the opening of Jihan Zencirli's sculpture.[19]


  • Zencirli has collaborated with other artists and designers, including furniture empire West Elm[20] and furniture designer Stephen Kenn.[21]
  • Zencirli has installed her balloon designs in public spaces around the world, including India and Europe.
  • Zencirli also founded a group called "Nefarious Frillers", who covertly sets up public balloon installations all around Los Angeles.[22]

In the News[edit]

In June 2016, musician Father John Misty claimed to steal a rose quartz crystal from a Moon Juice shop in Los Angeles. A 1.5 metre papier mache replica crystal appeared on the top of a building in L.A., thanking Father John “4 Freeing Me”. According to a photo Misty released, "she’s free and loving life".[23] It was revealed in a 2018 interview with New York Magazine, that Zencirli had fabricated the sculpture and placed it on the roof of her Echo Park studio. [24]

In January of 2019, Zencirli was reported to have an estimated net worth of $10,000,000 from both private and public commissions.[25]

On June 24 2019, model Irina Shayk made her first public appearance after the announcement of her split fom actor Bradley Cooper, to support Turkish-American conceptual and media artist GERONIMO, Jihan Zencirli, at Madison Square Park for the opening of her collaboration with luxury jewelry designer David Yurman.[26]

Exhibition and Performance[edit]

  • "Notes to Self"- Conception Installation - The Standard Hotel, Los Angeles, CA[27]
  • 1 Year Anniversary of The Broad Museum- Public Balloon Installation - The Broad, Downtown Los Angeles, September 2016
  • Oh Happy Day 10th Anniversary - Temporary 5,000 Balloon Art Installation - Oh Happy Day offices, Los Angeles, November 2016[28]
  • NYC Pride celebration - 15,000 rainbow-colored balloons Art Installation, New York.[29]
  • In 2017, Zencirli published the book, "My Grandfather is the Yogurt Bomber" as postmodern theatre, immersive theatre to a live audience. Dramatic and comedic interventions were designed as an audience-interactive layer by artist James Jean with narration by comedian Ramy Youssef.[30]


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