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JoJolion 1.jpg
The cover of JoJolion volume 1, featuring protagonist Josuke Higashikata and his Stand, Soft & Wet
Genre Action, adventure, supernatural
Written by Hirohiko Araki
Published by Shueisha
Demographic Seinen
Magazine Ultra Jump
Original run May 19, 2011 – present
Volumes 15 (List of volumes)
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JoJolion (Japanese: ジョジョリオン, Hepburn: Jojorion) is a seinen manga series written and illustrated by Hirohiko Araki, serving as Part 8 of the ongoing JoJo's Bizarre Adventure series. JoJolion has been collected in 15 volumes totaling 62 chapters, with 5 additional chapters not yet volumized.

In the first volume, Araki described the story of JoJolion as being the solving of a "curse" (呪い, noroi). Curses, he goes on, are the sins of the ancestors and this makes people "unclean" (穢れ, kegare), and if this curse continues it will only turn into "resentment" (恨み, urami). Another theme is that from birth we see things as black and white, but this produces a "friction" (摩擦, masatsu) from what humanity really experiences. From these, the "curse" is lifted, this being the goal of the story.

On the inside cover of volume 2, Araki explained that the "...lion" in the title comes from both the Christian concept of blessing and the gospels ("evangelion" in Greek), as well as the Ancient Greek myth of Pygmalion.


Set in the same continuity as Steel Ball Run, S-City, M-Prefecture (M県S市, Emu-ken, Esu-shi) was devastated by the 2011 Tōhoku earthquake and tsunami. In the aftermath, strange structures known colloquially as the Wall Eyes (壁の目, Kabe no Me) appear all over Morioh Town (杜王町, Moriō-chō). When a local college student named Yasuho Hirose finds a mysterious youth buried under one of the Wall Eyes, it sets off their adventure together to try to help the young man recover his memories of his life moments before Yasuho discovered him. After a fight with Yasuho's would-be suitor Joshu Higashikata that reveals the young man has a Stand, he and Yasuho seek out his identity. First believing him to be named "Yoshikage Kira", although Yasuho feels that the name "Josuke" fits the John Doe better, they head to Kira's apartment where they attacked by a man who is after Kira. The resulting fight allows young man to explore the extent of his Stand that he dubs Soft & Wet. After their attacker Ojiro Sasame, user of Fun Fun Fun, realizes that the young man is not Kira at all, Yasuho and Josuke head back to where he was found and find Kira's corpse, sparking a mystery of what happened to Kira and who Josuke really is.

While attempting to figure out what she can from police reports, Yasuho leaves Josuke in the company of the Higashikata family for his safety. The patriarch puts Josuke in charge of taking care of his youngest daughter Daiya who has been blind from childbirth, but she uses the opportunity to seduce Josuke by placing him under the thrall of her Stand California King Bed. After thwarting Daiya and befriending her instead, Josuke learns that the Higashikata family is related to Kira though a marriage that took place a century ago between Johnny Joestar and Rina Higashikata. Both discover that Holy Joestar-Kira is the last of the line and is in Morioh. Josuke attempts to meet with her, but is attacked by the Stand Born This Way and saved by another, while Yasuho finally meets up with Holly, unaware that she is aided by her own Stand Paisley Park, to find that Holly has seemingly lost her memory due to an incurable disease. Elsewhere, Josuke tracks down his attacker, the Higashikata's maid Kyo Nijimura, who reveals to Josuke that she is Holly's daughter and believes the Higashikatas are to blame for her condition. She also reveals to Josuke that he is her brother Yoshikage Kira, but only in part, as he has been combined with a second unknown person.

While trying to become more involved in the world, Josuke is taken to a nearby high school by Joshu, but they go down the infamous "Shakedown Road" where they are accosted by swindlers who have learned to use the Stand Les Feuilles that possesses the leaves of the gingko trees along the road to fleece the unaware. Joshu's own Stand Nut King Call is awoken by the events. Later, Josuke and Yasuho simultaneously learn of the fate of Johnny Joestar when he brought his wife, and the Holy Corpse, to Morioh to cure her, resulting in his mysterious death on what would become Shakedown Road. Yasuho tries to research on her own, only to be "kidnapped" by Tsurugi Higashikata, Norisuke IV's grandchild, who explains to Yasuho his family's predicament and why he has been disguised as a girl for his whole life. Yasuho attempts to leave, but not before she is subjected to Tsurugi's Stand Paper Moon King, heavily disorienting her (and Josuke), eventually leading her back to Tsurugi's bunker where he apologizes for his actions. However, as she rests, she is attacked by Yotsuyu Yagiyama, who uses his Stand to try to draw out Paisley Park and Josuke for his ulterior motives of never having his memories restored.

Josuke and Norisuke IV confront each other over what they have dealt with, only for Norisuke IV to tell Josuke that he wants to help him restore his memories as Kira to find a way to lift his family's curse, a mysterious disease that slowly turns them to stone. However, when they approach Tsurugi, they find out they have been trapped by Yotsuyu Yagiyama, who has tricked Tsurugi into helping him by giving him false hope that he found a cure for the curse. Yotsuyu uses his Stand I Am a Rock to try to kill Josuke, but Josuke decides to fight back, dragging Yagiyama into the depths of the ocean to get information out of him, but Yagiyama begins to crumble away into rocks, seemingly dying. Back on land, they discover Yagiyama is not apparently human at all, and that the mysterious fruit he had on him, which could possibly be a cure for the curse, is gone. Before all hope is lost, Norisuke IV uses his Stand King Nothing to track the fruit's scent, but feels that they may never properly find the real fruit. Dejected, Norisuke IV takes Josuke to his business, an upscale fruit parlor, when his eldest son Jobin appears, having returned from a business trip with an expensive and rare Dorcus titanus palawanicus stag beetle, which he soon gives to Josuke as a gift. As father and son catch up, Josuke notices that King Nothing has activated on Jobin's handkerchief, revealing that he has encountered the mysterious fruit.

Josuke approaches Tsurugi, who has befriended the mysterious "cured" stone dog Iwasuke, for information on his father's Stand so they may learn about the fruit, but Tsurugi simply tells Josuke that he should try to trick his father into losing a bet. With Tsurugi's intel, Josuke challenges Jobin to a game of insect fighting with his new D. t. palawanicus. After Jobin shows off his own palawanicus against an Asian giant hornet, they set their beetles against each other, with Josuke winning after having used Soft & Wet earlier to gather female stag beetle pheromones. However, Jobin, after shaving off an eyebrow desires a second match, and Josuke tricks him into betting his Lamborghini Gallardo, and Jobin decides to use his Allotopus rosenbergi, which Josuke later learns from him has had a hole drilled into its head and filled with wax to make it act erratic when it melts. Through this, Josuke discovers that Jobin's Stand increases heat, but he manages to use the venom from the hornet to win by placing it in Jobin's wax. Just as he is about to leave with the key, Jobin's personality changes, demanding to know what Josuke is after. Elsewhere, Tsurugi gets the key from one of Josuke's Soft & Wet bubbles and is with Yasuho, who Tsurugi has brought with him so she can use her Stand on Jobin's car's event data recorder to find out where he has been and where the fruit tree is, and discovers Paisley Park for herself for the first time. Elsewhere, Josuke discovers Jobin has induced a nosebleed in him with his Stand Speed King's ability, and tries to give Yasuho and Tsurugi more time by stalling, using the heat to activate the sprinklers in Jobin's live insect room to run away. Meanwhile, Yasuho and Tsurugi uncover through Paisley Park that Jobin met with an unknown man who they see holding a potted plant of the mysterious fruit, while Jobin decides to figure out more about Josuke.

Together, Yasuho and Tsurugi track down the man, a security guard named Aisho Dainenjiyama, who has the potted plant with him and they watch him sell it to an old man who grows back his legs after eating a fruit from the potted plant, but he soon loses the ability to see as his eyes turn to stone. Dainenjiyama realizes he has been spotted by the two, and he pursues them with his Stand Doobie Wah!, which chases after them with razor sharp winds. The two try to escape, with Yasuho's Paisley Park often leading the way, but they realize that any breath they take activates Doobie Wah!'s powers once more, allowing Dainenjiyama to track them down, while he is in contact with Jobin to tell him he has been spotted. Once cornered, Dainenjiyama believes he has the two in his grasp, even as Jobin Higashikata approaches him. However, Tsurugi has used Paper Moon King into trick Dainenjiyama into thinking that Morioh's public buses are his own father, and Dainenjiyama is run over by a bus, resulting in the man crumbling apart into stones. In a vignette, it is revealed that Dainenjiyama and Yagiyama are members of a race of beings known as Rock People (岩人間, Iwa Ningen), who appear to be human so long as they stay awake, but as soon as they fall asleep they turn to stone.

Shortly after Dainenjiyama's death, as Yasuho and Tsurugi try to understand the nature of the mysterious fruit of the Rokakaka Tree (ロカカカの樹, Rokakaka no Ki), a plant native to the highlands of New Guinea which seems to cure people of various ailments but they lose another aspect of themselves in return when it turns to stone, Josuke and Yasuho meet up once more, having not seen each other in what feels like weeks. However, their reunion is short-lived when a young woman passes by, apparently recognizing Josuke as her old friend "Setchan", but later believes she has confused him for someone else. Josuke follows the woman, using Soft & Wet to discover that she is Karera Sakunami, and after calling her by her name, she realizes he is indeed her friend, although he cannot remember anything about her. Karera and Josuke travel around Morioh, where Josuke realizes she is grifting money from people, and later discovers that her Stand Love Love Deluxe controls hair. After pressing her, she reveals to him that he is her friend Josefumi Kujo, and shows him a photo of the two of them together, along with Yoshikage Kira, and she mentions the Rokakaka tree. However, their reunion is interrupted by a pair of Stand-using twins, the A. Phex Brothers, who are after Karera and recognize Josuke as someone they had met before. Although Josuke is nearly lef for dead when left with the A. Phex Brothers on his own, with the elder brother's Stand Schott Key No. 1 allowing him to trap Josuke in nearby fence wire and the younger brother's Stand Schott Key No. 2 producing a poisonous gas that Josuke only manages to evade death with his own Stand, he is saved when Karera returns and uses Love Love Deluxe to create a giant hair fuse for Josuke to light on fire, killing the A. Phex Brothers who crumble away as other Rock People have. However, Karera leaves Josuke behind, promising to meet with him, again.

The next day, Josuke is at home with the Higashikata family, working with Yasuho to learn more about Josefumi Kujo, who has also been researching the Rokakaka Tree on her own, when eldest sister Hato brings home her new boyfriend, the first time she has ever done so. Norisuke IV, Joshu, and Josuke are all surprised at how homely cleaning service manager Tamaki Damo is, but Hato's love for him seems sincere. However, something strange is happening as a result of the visit by "Damokan", as Hato calls him, with handprints appearing everywhere. As Yasuho faxes a photo she found of Josefumi over to Josuke, Norisuke IV asks him to check on Nijimura, and he discovers she has been apparently liquefied while trying to clean up the mysterious handprints. After leaving to go to the bathroom, Joshu discovers that Damo has disabled the house's security cameras. Daiya investigates the fax, which has Tamaki Damo's photo on it, and rushes to give it to Josuke, but she is soon liquefied as well, but not before Josuke spots the photo. Damo returns and asks Hato to go check on the others, when he has Norisuke IV by himself, who is also becoming liquefied, and he discovers Damo is a Stand user, and he has come to the house and placed everyone under the thrall of his Stand Vitamin C to figure out who has killed his associates, the other Rock People, as well as any information on Yoshikage Kira, who he has met years before. The scene flashes back to 2009, when Kira uncovers Dainenjiyama's arrival in Morioh as a stone from Papua New Guinea with the Rokakaka Tree in tow, when he comes across both Ojiro Sasame and Josefumi Kujo on the docks. Back in 2011, Josuke warns Hato that her boyfriend is lying to her and has come to the house to kill them all. In another flashback to 1997, a recent divorcée is on the beach with her son, when he is dragged out into the sea and nearly killed when he hits his head on a rock underwater. The boy, Josefumi Kujo, is rushed to T.H. Medical University Hospital where Dr. Holly Joestar-Kira recognizes he is suffering from a deadly blood clot. She pleads with her son Yoshikage Kira to use his Stand Killer Queen to cure young Josefumi's blood clot, saving the boy's life, while Yoshikage is upset that he will miss out on seeing Titanic with his mother. Back in 2009, Kira has approached Josefumi to help him steal a Rokakaka fruit from Aisho Dainenjiyama, which Josefumi realizes is to attempt to cure his mother Holly from the mysterious disease, and he agrees to help save her. Josefumi comes up with an idea to instead just steal a single branch of the Rokakaka Tree, using his own Stand's ability to graft it onto another tree so they can have as many Rokakaka fruits as they need. But first, they have to steal a branch in a way that Dainenjiyama does not realize it has ever been stolen.


Main characters[edit]

Josuke Higashikata (東方 定助, Higashikata Jōsuke)
Voiced by: Mitsuaki Madono (ASB, EoH)
The arc's protagonist and eponymous "JoJo" (the kanji is also read as jo), Josuke is found unconscious and naked save for a Steel Ball Run brand sailor cap with a hand-print insignia by Yasuho Hirose near the Wall Eyes, but he has no memory of his past nor his own name. He is simply being called "Josuke" because he reminds Yasuho of her childhood dog of the same name. Josuke appears to be a young man in his late teens, with a prominent diastema, a star-shaped birthmark which is first seen by Yasuho as having a bite mark around it, and having two pairs of testicles. Josuke's appearance in JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: All Star Battle has him appearing as dyschromic in some art, showing that his skin pigment has also been made from two different people. However, he has strange habits such as his tendency to sleep between the mattress and the bed frame, believing the compression to be beneficial to his health, and he is able to determine the exact dimensions of any object or distance he sees. On top of this, he has also gained Stand powers, which he summons from his birthmark. During their investigation into Josuke's past, he and Yasuho track down the person who purchased the cap he was found wearing to be Yoshikage Kira, whom they believe to be Josuke's identity at first. However, their discovery of Kira's apartment is revealed to be a trap by Ojiro Sasame who has a grudge against the real Kira, including a naked woman kept prisoner in the apartment as bait who states that Josuke left three days prior after escaping the same confines. With Yoshikage Kira proven not to be Josuke's identity, he and Yasuho discover the true fate of Kira before Josuke is taken in by the Higashikata family and ordered to watch their daughter Daiya. After confronting Daiya, who has Stand powers of her own, he discovers the relationship between the Higashikata and Joestar/Kira families. He and Yasuho make it their mission to get to the bottom of this strange occurrence and find Holly Joestar-Kira who they believe has the answers Josuke is looking for, during which they become very close and begin to fall in love. After being attacked by Born This Way and discovering that the only reason Nijimura is attacking him is because he is seeking out Holly Joestar, Josuke says he will end his quest, a statement that brings Nijimura to her senses. In return, she reveals to Josuke that his eyes are two different colors, split straight down the middle of each pupil and iris, and his tongue also is different on each side, as if he had 4 eyeballs and two different tongues combined together. Nijimura later reveals that the land where both Josuke and Kira were found, located beneath a tree visited by Shotaro Ishinomori, has odd properties, demonstrating by burying a lemon and an orange for a short period of time, and then digging them back up to show that segments from the two fruits had switched places, suggesting that whoever Josuke was as well as Kira was subject to the same strange behavior of the land. She believes that Josuke is a fusion of her brother's physical body, spirit, and Stand abilities with another person. However, she does not know who the other person was but believes that the Higashikata family does. After this, Josuke works at getting around Norisuke's stern insistence that he stay in the house, convincing him to let him buy a cell phone and attend class at the local high school in order to regain a sense of normalcy and routine in his life. After realizing that Tsurugi seems to be involved in some strange happenings in the town, particularly the "attack" on Yasuho, Josuke makes it his goal to talk to the boy, and is unwittingly drawn into a trap set by Yotsuyu Yagiyama who wishes to kill Josuke, or at least one of the people Josuke used to be, but Josuke manages to defeat Yotsuyu in a fight, although he only intended to disarm him rather than kill him. After a chance meeting with Karera Sakunami, who seems to call Josuke "Set-chan" (セッちゃん) and recognizes him, she eventually reveals to him that his full name (or at least the full name of the other man who was fused with Yoshikage Kira) is Josefumi Kujo. This leaves Josuke conflicted, as he has no idea whether he is his own person or if he is merely a construct of the two men who created him. He eventually falls into an existential crisis over his life, and begins to search for anything that can give it meaning. Josuke later finds a purpose in his life after discovering that Holy had deteriorated further, and thus has made it his mission to save her.
Josuke shares his name with JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Part 4: Diamond Is Unbreakable protagonist Josuke Higashikata, however the kanji used for differs (the original's name is written with ). Half of his original identity shares his surname with Jotaro Kujo and Jolyne Cujoh, as well as sounds similar to Joseph Joestar. When fighting, Josuke will call out "Ora Ora" (オラオラ) like Jotaro, Jolyne, and Johnny Joestar, but every so often "Ara" (アラ) will be used instead.
Soft & Wet (ソフト&ウェット(柔らかくてそして濡れている), Sofuto Ando Wetto (Yawarakakute Soshite Nureteiru))
Josuke's Stand Soft & Wet is produced from the star-shaped birthmark on his shoulder. Soft & Wet allows Josuke to produce what he calls soap bubbles bearing the star birthmark, that upon contact with an object steals an aspect of the object that can be used for other purposes. Soft & Wet's ability to "steal" has many applications. Josuke has used it to blind someone by stealing their eyesight, make someone slip and fall by stealing the friction of the floor, make something silent by stealing its sound, and even suffocate someone by stealing the very oxygen from their lungs. Soft & Wet also has the ability to later relinquish this stolen aspect, such as when he tricks Daiya into cancelling her own Stand's powers when he removes the sound of a refrigerator door closing or when he humorously removes his own facial hair and then applies it in strange patterns onto Joshu and Hato's faces. In addition to the bubble form, Soft & Wet takes the form of a robotic humanoid with anchor motifs, with the bubble forming on Soft & Wet's finger. Soft & Wet's "soap bubbles" also show the same two-part behavior as Josuke, as upon closer inspection they appear to be made of two differently sized spheres split down the middle then matched back together. Soft & Wet also appears to be the fusion of the Stands of both Yoshikage Kira and Josefumi Kujo; Kira's ability to make bubbles and Josefumi's ability to steal things. Eventually, it turns out Soft & Wet was originally Josefumi's stand, but it has been slightly modified with Kira's exploding bubbles being required to steal things rather than the single bubble that Josefumi used.
Yasuho Hirose (広瀬 康穂, Hirose Yasuho)
Voiced by: Eri Kitamura (ASB, EoH)
Yasuho is the one discovers Josuke's body beneath the Wall Eyes and she works hard to discover his true identity, seeking out Yoshikage Kira and Holly Joestar and even naming him after her dog Josuke. She studies sociology at the local university and is somehow able to perceive the initial form of Soft & Wet through her iPhone, despite having no Stand powers of her own at the time. She is able to see through the odd situations that surround her, starting with her realization that Josuke would not have done the things Ojiro Sasame made it appear Yoshikage Kira did in the trap set at Kira's apartment. She is also able to track down Holly Joestar-Kira, but not before realizing she has a bite mark on her ankle. After being taken away by hospital security for talking to Holly without permission, Holly is able to perceive that Yasuho has also developed Stand powers of her own, but she can only use them at a subconscious level. Yasuho later gets admitted to the hospital, using the pain from the strange bite on her ankle as a means to learn more about Holly's stay. She soon discovers more about the history of her town, with her Stand guiding her, discovering the death of Johnny Joestar, his memorial jizō, and a story of a strange boy appearing at the base of a crooked pine tree. She also possesses the unique "ability" to lick her own elbow. After being "kidnapped" by Tsurugi, she is attacked by Yotsuyu Yagiyama and sees her own Stand for the first time.
Yasuho shares her surname with Part 4 character Koichi Hirose.
Paisley Park (ペイズリーパーク, Peizurī Pāku)
Yasuho's Stand Paisely Park has the ability to direct things around Yasuho, although Paisley Park acts on Yasuho's subconscious needs rather than her being able to directly control her abilities. Paisley Park first manifests after Yasuho feels a painful bite on her leg and then begins to direct Josuke on his cellphone away from the attacks of Born This Way, seemingly able to predict the other Stand's moves to keep Josuke out of danger. It also manages to call a nearby taxi cab that Josuke opened the door to, which activated Born This Way's current attack on him. Paisley Park also subconsciously alters events around Yasuho to get her admitted back into the hospital to learn more about Holly's condition. The Stand's powers also later lead Yasuho to discover more about Morioh's past with Johnny Joestar, bringing up Meiji era newspaper articles simply because Josuke was calling her from near Johnny's jizō. Paisley Park also manages to contact Josuke on Yasuho's behalf when she is in trouble, and seems to retrieve the mysterious fruit in Yotsuyu Yagiyama's possession after Josuke watches it get swept away with the currents. During the first meeting with Holly, Holly identifies Yasuho as a Stand user, perceiving Paisley Park as her shadow, a feminine figure covered in what appears to be a paisley-patterned map with several parking lot markings on it. When Yotsuyu Yagiyama investigates her Stand after attacking her, he notes that it is a long-distance type power and not one that is consciously controlled. Later, with Tsurugi's help, Yasuho discovers Paisley Park herself and begins to use its abilities consciously to display the information from Jobin's Lamborghini Gallardo's event data recorder and then expand her view to see events from the perspective of security cameras and red light cameras when discovering deleted data.
Yoshikage Kira (吉良 吉影, Kira Yoshikage)
Yoshikage Kira is a mysterious ship's doctor who is interested in the beauty of hands, particularly his own such that his apartment has replicas as well as many jars of nail clippings that have been meticulously documented by length and the day of cutting. This Kira seems to have had similar tendencies to the original Kira, but used them for less deviant purposes than his counterpart. It is his name that Josuke and Yasuho believe to be Josuke's own, until they discover his apartment and the traps lain by Ojiro Sasame. After he is defeated, Sasame reveals that Josuke is not Yoshikage Kira, which leads Josuke and Yasuho back to where Josuke was found only to discover the corpse of Kira in the same location. Yasuho learns that the autopsy on Kira states that he died of natural causes three days prior to his body's discovery, the same day she found Josuke, and that Kira's body is mysteriously lacking his own testicles, though not through any clear means. She later sends off their DNA for analysis to discover the two are 95.8% identical. Elsewhere, Josuke discovers that Kira is descended from Johnny Joestar and that the Joestar/Kira and Higashikata family lines are distantly related following the events of Steel Ball Run. Nijimura also states that Kira was her older brother. Later it is revealed that due to one of the Wall Eyes, Josuke is the fusion of Yoshikage Kira and Josefumi Kujo, explaining the several anomalies of his own body. When Tamaki Damo approaches the Higashikata family to seek down the murderer of his fellow Rock People, he reveals what he knows of both Yoshikage Kira and Josefumi Kujo, revealing Kira's discovery of the Rock People as well as his plans with Josefumi to steal a branch of the Rokakaka Tree to cure his mother's terminal illness.
Killer Queen (キラークイーン, Kirā Kuīn)
In life, Yoshikage Kira possessed the Stand Killer Queen, which had the ability to produce exploding "bubbles". Kyo Nijimura recognizes that Josuke's Soft & Wet has inherited the "soap bubble" aspect of her brother's Stand, although not its explosive properties. He had this Stand as a teenaged child, and once used it at his mother's request to save the life of a young child who turned out to be Josefumi Kujo.
Killer Queen is nearly identical in appearance to the Stand Killer Queen as featured in Diamond Is Unbreakable.
Josefumi Kujo (空条 仗世文, Kūjō Josefumi)
Josefumi Kujo is a young man who is the other half of Josuke Higashikata, after apparently both he and Yoshikage Kira were buried in the ground under the Lone Pine Tree at the Wall Eyes. Karera Sakunami is the first to recognize Josuke as Josefumi, and while staying around her, Josuke learns that she, Josefumi, and Kira were all friends a year prior. Josefumi wore his hair in a pompadour, with the sides and back shaved except for two rattails. As a child, he nearly died as a result of a blood clot in his brain, but he was saved when his mother brought him to T.H. Medical University Hospital where he was treated in the emergency room by Holy Joestar-Kira whose son Yoshikage Kira used his Stand Killer Queen to remove the brain clot. This left Josefumi indebted to the Kiras, which led him to agree to help Yoshikage steal a branch of the Rokakaka Tree and use his Stand's ability to graft it to grow a tree of their own.It's also shown that Josefumi also has a Joestar birthmark heavily implying that he is a blood relative of the Joestars.
Josefumi's hairstyle is similar to that of Josuke Higashikata from Diamond Is Unbreakable, while his surname is the same as that of Jotaro Kujo and Jolyne Cujoh.
Soft & Wet
Josefumi Kujo originally possessed Soft & Wet. Its original powers allowed him to remove an aspect of an object through the use of "bubble" projections that held the absorbed aspect, which was the other half of Josuke's version of Soft & Wet. However, Josefumi's "bubbles" do not possess the star-shaped mark on them as appears on the "bubbles" of Killer Queen. He is first shown demonstrating this ability when he removes black pepper from his bowl of ramen after he accidentally put too much in. He can also use this ability to perform grafting of trees.

Higashikata family[edit]

The Higashikatas are an influential family in Morioh Town, having owned a successful fruit importing business since the Meiji period, founded by their ancestor Norisuke Higashikata I after he won the second place prize of the Steel Ball Run race. They appear to know more than they should about the goings on in town, and all of the Higashikatas related by blood possess Stands, that all seem to have the word "King" (キング, Kingu) as part of their name.

Norisuke Higashikata IV (四代目東方 憲助, Yondaime Higashikata Norisuke)
Voiced by: Jūrōta Kosugi (EoH)
The 59-year-old patriarch of the Higashikata family and descendent of the Norisuke Higashikata who participated in the Steel Ball Run Race who later became successful in fruit export and import. Interested in family photos, he seems to exert total control over his family, convincing his son Joshu to move out of his room for Josuke for money, threatening Yasuho to stay away from the house ever again, and warning Josuke to never enter his study. It is eventually revealed that his given name was originally "Josuke" as well, but written differently (using for ). According to Tsurugi, Norisuke IV also possesses a Stand, as does everyone in the family. Norisuke IV later reveals this to Josuke, after Josuke's demands, also revealing that he is not responsible for Yoshikage Kira's death as he needed the young man's knowledge as to how to cure his family's curse-like illness, but he will not reveal how he nor how his son Jobin cured themselves of the disease, until Yotsuyu Yagiyama's lies force him to reveal that traditionally the family used the strange ground Josuke was found buried in to transfer the disease from the child to another member of the family; in Norisuke IV's case, it was his own mother. He reveals he needs to have Josuke's memories as Yoshikage Kira back, as Kira somehow found a way to cure himself and his mother Holy Joestar-Kira (to an extent) before his untimely death.
King Nothing (キング・ナッシング, Kingu Nasshingu)
Norisuke IV, at Josuke's urgings, reveals his Stand King Nothing's form to the young man, exhibiting a jigsaw puzzle pattern, and claiming that its powers are of a long-range variety, but not revealing its true form or its full powers to Josuke, claiming that a Stand is not something one shows off. He uses his Stand to open the hatch into the basement, separating the arm from the rest of the body. It possesses an ability to track by scent, and when doing so, it changes its physical appearance to resemble the object or person whose scent it is tracking.
Hato Higashikata (東方 鳩, Higashikata Hato)
The carefree eldest daughter of the Higashikata family, a 24-year-old fashion model who tries to charge Josuke for a copy of a magazine she appears in. She is not very bright, revealed when she discusses the time that she caused the family's planned vacation to Hawaii to be cancelled because she did not know it was part of the United States, considering "Pearl Harbor" (真珠湾, Shinju-wan) is written with kanji (she also mentions "Kamehameha" (カメハメ波), mistaking the Hawaiian king with the fictional Dragon Ball technique). She is eventually forced to mature after Damo used her to get into her home and attack her family, as well as the reappearance of her mother.
Walking Heart (ウォーキング・ハート, Wōkingu Hāto)
After being attacked by Tamaki Damo, and saved from Vitamin C's powers by Josuke, Hato summons the power of her Stand Walking Heart, which has the appearance of a feminine body made of long, rigid fibers and a heart pattern on its chest. The Stand's power has not yet been fully shown, though it allows her to extend her shoe's high heels into spikes which she use to attack with from a distance as well as use them to walk on walls.
Joshu Higashikata (東方 常秀, Higashikata Jōshū)
Voiced by: Hiroaki Miura (ASB, EoH)
The second son of the Higashikata family and the first one introduced, an 18-year-old college student who behaves like a petulant child. His jealousy that Yasuho was possibly dating Josuke leads to the revelation of Josuke's Stand powers. Joshu later complains of a bite to his leg, an ailment suffered by Josuke and Yasuho, suggesting that he has acquired a Stand as well. He dislikes the fact that Josuke has been made a part of their family, even pulling a knife on him when Joshu thought Josuke was trying to steal his money after their clothes were mixed up in the laundry. This rivalry mostly ends when Joshu escorts Josuke to Hasekura High School on the other end of town, leading him through Shakedown Road. However, Joshu leaves Josuke high and dry after discovering the trick of the road's gingko leaves, using it to steal money from some thugs who had left them to take the fall for them to the police. He is caught by the thugs, but not before his own Stand power awakens.
Nut King Call (ナット・キング・コール, Natto Kingu Kōru)
Joshu's Stand Nut King Call takes the form of a humanoid with various screws sticking out of its head and body. Although the full extent of its powers has not yet been revealed, so far it has enabled Joshu to materialize nuts and bolts that have the ability to materialize through another person's flesh and other objects should he be physically harmed. If the affected individual undoes the bolt, the limb falls off as if it were a piece of machinery that the bolt had always been holding together. Continued attacks on Joshu cause the limbs to fall off on their own. Should Joshu leave the vicinity, the effects of his Stand are undone. The first victim of his Stand, however, has his hands switch arms when the effects of the screws wear off. Joshu also learns how to attach separate objects together during his battle with the Milagro Man.
Daiya Higashikata (東方 大弥, Higashikata Daiya)
Voiced by: Saori Hayami (EoH)
The second-daughter of the Higashikata family, a 16-year-old suffering from blindness. She is a fan of progressive rock, particularly British band Yes. When Josuke is adopted by Norisuke, he appoints the boy as Daiya's guardian, a fact she rebels against at first believing she can be independent as she has memorized the layout of the house by feel. She soon reveals to Josuke that after she fell into a fault caused by the Wall Eyes she became progressively blinder, but she also acquired her own Stand that she uses against Josuke to try to seduce him. However, Josuke manages to trick Daiya into reversing the Stand's power, forcing her to apologize and ask for his forgiveness as all she wanted was him to like her. She later works on getting back into his good graces by helping him discover his past, even giving up her cell phone and keeping the secret that Josuke entered her father's study.
California King Bed (カリフォルニア・キング・ベッドちゃん, Kariforunia Kingu Beddo-chan)
Daiya's Stand California King Bed enables Daiya to steal the memories of its victims, encapsulating them in chess pieces, whenever her target breaks a rule she makes upon activating the Stand. By holding the chess pieces against her face she can perceive the memories held within. If the chess piece is damaged, the owner of the memory feels pain, and if the chess piece is destroyed the memory is lost forever. However, if she steps on the victim's shadow, all of the memories are returned to the victim.
Jobin Higashikata (東方 常敏, Higashikata Jōbin)
The eldest son of the Higashikata family who is only briefly met by Josuke. When Norisuke tries to gather the family for a photo, he disappears, leaving Norisuke upset. Tsurugi claims that like all members of the Higashikata family, Jobin possesses a Stand, too. When Jobin finally returns from his trip abroad, he is eager to impress his father and his "adopted" brother Josuke with gifts he has obtained from his trip to Vietnam and the Philippines, including a Dorcus titanus palawanicus stag beetle that he gives to Josuke and plans on teaching him how to take care of it. He is prone to quoting Japanese poet and calligrapher Mitsuo Aida. He possesses an extensive collection of both mounted and living insects, with stag beetles his prized possessions. Tsurugi informs Josuke that they are his weakness, and that he should get his father into a bet over the strength of his favorite stag beetle and the one he gave Josuke as a gift, rather than telling Josuke what his Stand's power is out right. After Damo's death, it is revealed that Jobin is involved with the Rock People and has become paranoid about Josuke discovering his connection to Damo and his fruit smuggling ring.
Speed King (スピード・キング, Supīdo Kingu)
Jobin's Stand Speed King allows him to manipulate heat to a precise point. With it, he seems to be able to melt wax without physically touching it and he gives Josuke a nosebleed by giving him a single point of heat in one of his blood vessels. Its full powers are not yet described, but it only works on a very short range.
Mitsuba Higashikata (東方 蜜葉, Higashikata Mitsuba)
Jobin's wife, age 31. Not much is known about her, as she has not had a speaking role yet, but she seems to live in the household with her husband, child, and in-laws.
Tsurugi Higashikata (東方 つるぎ, Higashikata Tsurugi)
Voiced by: Yuka Iguchi (EoH)
Though introduced as the 9 year old daughter of Jobin, Tsurugi is actually a boy who is following a family tradition where the eldest Higashikata son poses as a girl until the age of 12 to avoid the evil eye. When Yasuho finds herself in a room with Tsurugi after being captured by a crooked pine tree outside the Higashikata estate, she learned Tsurugi's secret as he begins to stalk her after using his Stand on her. All he wants to do is have Yasuho in the shelter with him where he can help her with anything she needs, and when she contacts Josuke, he sends another origami creation after him instead. He later apologizes to her, as he only wants her to come by more often, and reveals that he has a Stand and that his dajare puns are a bad habit. Tsurugi truly fears the family curse as he aligned himself with Yotsuyu Yagiyama after seeing him restore a petrified dog with a strange fruit, only learning later that Yagiyama was using him. The family later catches the cured dog and Tsurugi names him Iwasuke (岩助).
Paper Moon King (ペーパー・ムーン・キング, Pēpā Mūn Kingu)
Tsurugi's Stand Paper Moon King imparts its abilities through origami. Should anything Tsurugi has made out of origami touch someone, their body will begin to temporarily contort in the same way of the strange disease that befell his ancestor Rina Higashikata. The attacked person is then afflicted with prospagnosia: every face they will see, even inanimate objects like mannequins or their own reflection, it will be a strange and contorted ugly face. However, Tsurugi's face will appear completely normal. Animals will also appear strange, having no visible eyes. Tsurugi's Stand also seems to allow him to fold non-paper objects into origami creations, as he uses Yasuho's cellphone to attack her. Tsurugi also has full control over the origami creatures, allowing them to move under his mental command. Objects created through Tsurugi's special origami also possess the same aspects as the original object, such as an origami bunch of bananas being slippery when stepped upon. In the original serialization, the Stand is known solely as "Paper Moon" (ペーパー・ムーン, Pēpā Mūn); its new name is revealed in the JoJoveller mini book that was released alongside the April 2014 issue of Ultra Jump as well as being updated in JoJolion volume 6.
Kyo Nijimura (虹村 京, Nijimura Kyō)
The Higashikata family's maid, age 22, who is always seen with a poker face expression. After Josuke survives Born This Way's attack, he finds Nijimura looking for him, having discovered the boy's plans while cleaning up Norisuke's study. She attacks with Born This Way again, but he stops her, and she breaks her calm demeanor, breaking into tears to proclaim she will stop at nothing to keep him from seeing Holy Joestar for fear of the Higashikata family finishing whatever they started. When Josuke tries to get information from her, particularly why she hates the Higashikatas, he discovers that she too has a star-shaped birthmark on her shoulder. However, Nijimura refuses to elaborate on any details, and is ultimately surprised when Josuke claims he will stop his search for the time being. Taken aback by the boy's nature and the realization that Josuke truly knows nothing of his past, she ends her attack and reveals to him that she is Holy's daughter and that his eyes and tongue appear to be stitched together from the parts of two separate people.
Nijimura shares her surname with Part 4 characters Okuyasu Nijimura and Keicho Nijimura.
Born This Way (ボーン・ディス・ウェイ(BORN THIS WAY), Bōn Disu Wei)
Nijimura's Stand Born This Way is able to create powerful winds strong enough to freeze anything in their path, with Josuke's "soap bubbles" disabled by the attack. When activated and allowed to act on its own, Born This Way is limited to attacking whenever anything is opened, be it a door, a notebook, or a flip cellphone. It only attacks when its target opens the item, allowing others to be free of its attack. If someone other than the target closes the object that initiated the attack, Born This Way disappears. Born This Way takes the form of a motorcycle and its rider, however the rider is robotic in appearance, a fact revealed when Josuke manages to dislodge the "rider's" helmet. In the original serialization, the Stand was named Going Underground (ゴーイング・アンダーグラウンド(GOING UNDERGROUND), Gōingu Andāguraundo), before being renamed in the tankōbon volumes.
Rina Higashikata (東方 理那, Higashikata Rina)
Rina is a Meiji period ancestor of the current Higashikata family, born in 1874. She was the daughter of the first Norisuke Higashikata, and she was courted and wooed by Johnny Joestar while he started a fruit import business, later picked up by the Higashikata family. They married and moved to America until a mysterious illness befell her, causing her to lose her memories and ultimately her skin turned to stone and her body folded up like origami. Johnny brought her back to her hometown of Morioh, and Johnny travelled back to the United States to seek a cure from the Saint's Corpse. It would seem that Johnny is successful, as after his mysterious death, Rina is back to normal, though she becomes a suspect in her husband's death for a time. With Johnny, Rina had a daughter and a son named George Joestar II. George II later married a woman named Elisabeth, and they had several children together, including one Joseph Joestar. Joseph married a woman named Suzi Q, and their only child was their daughter named Holy.
Kaato Higashikata (東方 花都, Higashikata Kaato)
The ex-wife of Norisuke IV and the mother of his children. She was put in Stone Ocean Prison for murdering a child, but was later released and reinserted herself into her family's life. She is seen talking with Jobin over the phone on multiple occasions, implying that she has some sort of connection to the fruit smuggling operation.

Enemy Stand users[edit]

Ojiro Sasame (笹目 桜二郎, Sasame Ōjirō)
A 22-year-old surfer who initially believes Josuke to be Yoshikage Kira until closer investigation. In his childhood, his home was in the location of a present-day Wall Eye. Several years prior to the beginning of the series, he met Yoshikage Kira who insulted Sasame for not being able to choose a profession that took place on land (like a dentist) or in the water (like a fisherman) and instead chose one in between, making him less of a man. Kira also convinced Sasame, who was intoxicated at the time, to eat the fingers off of both of his hands. To take his revenge, Sasame rents the apartment just above Kira's and booby traps Kira's while he's out, filling the bathroom slippers with thumbtacks, putting needles in the towel, adding a razor sharp wire to the bathroom chain, placing a woman under his Stand's thrall in the room, taking several compromising photos to suggest Kira is a pervert, and filling the balcony with venomous snakes, all a means to take control of Kira, only to have Josuke fall into the trap instead. He is the one to reveal Josuke and Kira are not the same people.
Fun Fun Fun (ファン・ファン・ファン, Fan Fan Fan)
Sasame's Stand Fun Fun Fun enables him to take control of whoever is located directly beneath him. If the victim's hands or feet are injured in any way with Fun Fun Fun above, Sasame gains control of the limb, marked with a C-shaped symbol. If all four limbs are marked, Sasame gains full control over the victim, so long as the victim is located directly beneath him.
Les Feuilles (オータム・リーブス, Ōtamu Rībusu, Autumn Leaves)
Les Feuilles is a Stand possessed by the Gingko biloba trees lining Morioh's infamous Shakedown Road (カツアゲロード, Katsuage Rōdo). It takes the form of several insect-like beings with sucker feet that carry the leaves and can transport anything through them. The people who live on the road have discovered this trick, and use it in extortions of the unaware. However, they have an unwritten rule that if anyone figures out the trick, that person can use it to their own advantage. Les Feuilles seems to have appeared at the same time that Johnny Joestar allegedly brought the Holy Corpse to Japan and died, the Corpse having granted the Stand power to the very street.
Yotsuyu Yagiyama (八木山 夜露, Yagiyama Yotsuyu)
Voiced by: Masaya Matsukaze (EoH)
Yotsuyu Yagiyama is a mysterious 28-year-old man who claims himself to be an architect by trade. He wears a crown of leaves around his head and he wears an outfit covered in spikes, with a brooch marked with the letter H. Getting Tsurugi to help him by promising the boy a means to end the Higashikata family curse, Yagiyama's agenda is to kill Josuke before he can awaken Kira's memories while stealing the Higashikata fortune. Higashigata suddenly appears in the Higashikata family's emergency shelter and attacks Yasuho in order to draw her Stand out, only to lost her thanks to Tsurugi's Paper Moon King still affecting the origami paper nearby. Norisuke and Josuke come to the conclusion that Yagiyama must be responsible for Kira's death as the latter battles Yagiyama before they fall into the ocean. Though Josuke intended to interrogate Yagiyama by using Soft & Wet to steal the air from his lungs, Josuke unintentionally killed him. Soon after Yagiyama's corpse is back to the house, it is eventually discovered that Yagiyama was actually a rock-based humanoid of unknown origin, termed a Rock Person, explaining his inherent ability to turn his body to stone and draw rocks towards him, who assumed the identity of a missing person.
His given name possesses the kanji (here read as tsuyu), also used in the name of Rohan Kishibe (where it is read as ro).
I Am a Rock (アイ・アム・ア・ロック, Ai Amu A Rokku)
I Am a Rock enables Yagiyama to direct gravity in a particular direction. This is first shown as a saran wrap-like film that he produces from his eyes and mouth that he places on Yasuho. When he pours water onto the film, it is all directed into Yasuho's mouth, almost drowning her. This power can be directed onto a single person through touch, such as when he causes several large pots to be drawn towards Josuke, with its shards sticking to him with an intense weight that he only manages to disrupt by using Soft & Wet to steal their weight. The Stand's power can be disrupted if his attention is diverted elsewhere. When he manages to get Paisley Park to manifest, he traps it with his Stand and its silhouette is seen in part, with a teardrop-shaped head behind his own. Its full body is later shown in full in a special illustration in the April 2014 issue of Ultra Jump.
Aisho Dainenjiyama (大年寺山 愛唱, Dainenjiyama Aishō)
The man who Jobin is seen giving the mysterious fruit tree to. Yasuho and Tsurugi track him down to see he is cultivating the tree and finds that its properties heal a person of one disease, but take away another physical aspect. When Yasuho is looking on a map, she discovers the nearby Yagiyama mountains and the Dainenjiyama mountains, leading her and Tsurugi to suspect Dainenjiyama is also a Rock Person, and in a flashback reveals that Rock People will sleep for one month straight if they do fall asleep. He also reveals to Yasuho and Tsurugi that he has been working for Jobin in some capacity when he manages to corner the two with his Stand Doobie Wah!, but Tsurugi has tricked him with Paper Moon King and has made all of the buses in town look like his father Jobin, leading to Dainenjiyama being crushed under the bus's wheels when the illusion breaks, leaving nothing but rubble. In 2009, Yoshikage Kira discovered the stone body of Aisho Dainenjiyama in a shipment on a ship he was stationed on and tracked him and the Rokakaka Tree down.
Doobie Wah! (ドゥービー・ワゥ!, Dūbī Wau!)
Doobie Wah! allows Dainenjiyama to create small tornadoes that automatically track down their target by means of the target's breath. Should the target get some distance between themself and Dainenjiyama, the tornado dies down until the target breathes once more, summoning Doobie Wah!'s tornado, again. The tornadoes themselves slice through flesh like claws.
The A. Phex Brothers (エイ・フェックス兄弟, Ei Fekkusu-kyōdai)
These two appear to be a pair of street performers at first, who have pierced ears. The older brother, who seems to do all the talking, has his left ears pierced, and is missing most of his right hand which has turned to stone, while the younger brother, who solely seems to play with a soccer ball that has a zipper in it, has his right ears pierced and never speaks. These two try to track down Karera for reasons relating to the Rokakaka tree. They also seem to know Josefumi Kujo, as they are surprised at how Soft & Wet's abilities are similar to his. They fight both Josuke and Karera, and Josuke appears to be outnumbered until Karera returns after being set on fire by their original attack. Josuke manages to steal the poison gas within the soccer ball, stopping their combination attack, and then Karera uses Love Love Deluxe to grow hair around them to set on fire. While they are distracted by the flames, Josuke unleashes the poison he stole earlier, killing both of them and reducing them to rubble.
Schott Key No. 1 & Schott Key No. 2 (ショット・キー No.1 & ショッ・トキー No.2, Shotto Kī Nanbā Wan & Shotto Kī Nanbā Tsū)
The older A. Phex Brother's Stand Schott Key No. 1 enables him to transfer objects between his two hands, augmented by his physical makeup as a Rock Person. When an object is touched in his left hand, it dissolves away as the object reforms coming out where his right hand would be, which is partly rock. He can also transport other people's limbs, and have them reconnect as he pleases, using this ability to first pierce a police officer's jaw with the man's own handcuffs and then shackling a second police officer to the first by transporting the cop's hand through the closed handcuffs. The younger A. Phex Brother's Stand Schott Key No. 2 is kept within the strange soccer ball he always has with him. When the zipper on the soccer ball is opened, the Stand's body which appears as a strange doll-like figure can be seen, shortly before Schott Key No. 2 releases a poisonous gas. The full strength of the poison is not shown, but it does burn Josuke's skin on contact and makes it difficult for him to breathe. The two A. Phex Brothers can also combine the strengths of their Stands when the older brother touches the zipper on the younger brother's soccer ball with his left hand, allowing him to spread poisonous gas with his right hand, but it could possibly backfire on him if the situation is not perfect.
Tamaki Damo (田最 環, Damo Tamaki)
Hato's new boyfriend, a balding man with a combover who owns a cleaning service called Damo Can Cleaning (ダモカンクリーニング店, Damo Kan Kurīningu-ten) in S-City and is apparently only 23 years old. Nijimura and Norisuke IV discover that his fingerprints leave behind a stick residue, and Nijimura sees several clawed handprints left behind in his wake, suggesting it is the work of his own Stand. Later, Nijimura, Joshu, and Daiya all seemingly have their bones turned into liquid as the effects of Damo's Stand activate more throughout the house. Josuke realizes something is up just as Daiya tries to show him the information Yasuho faxed over to him about Josefumi Kujo, with the photograph on the man's passport being that of Tamaki Damo rather than the young man Karera had a photo of on her phone. Eventually, Damo reveals that he is seeking out the murderers of his associates, the other Rock People, and believes that someone in the Higashikata house is to blame. He is also after Yoshikage Kira and Josefumi Kujo, the former of whom he believes has a Rokakaka Tree somewhere. He tortures Josuke and Norisuke for a period of time, using his Stand to torment them with a yen note until they reveal Josefumi's location, but is forced to retreat after Josuke and Hato work together to attack him from outside his stand's range. Damo is finally hunted down and killed by Josuke, who uses Soft & Wet to punch his head to pieces after he is horrifically wounded by Hato.
Vitamin C (ビタミンC, Bitamin Shī)
Tamaki Damo's Stand Vitamin C allows him to make living creatures' bodies soft and malleable, including humans. Vitamin C is able to manipulate the elasticity and viscosity of someone's body to the point that they can practically dissolve away like liquids. The signature aspect of his Stand is that it leaves greasy handprints and fingerprints across whatever it touches, and these are what allow its powers to activate should anyone touch one of them. Despite having no physical capabilities of its own, Vitamin C is shown to still have a physical form, taking the shape of jester made of Damo's smeared handprints.

Other characters[edit]

The naked woman (裸の女性, Hadaka no Josei)
This unknown woman had been captured by Ojiro Sasame in his elaborate trap to kill Yoshikage Kira. She seems to believe that Josuke is Kira, as Kira escaped from the apartment three days prior to what she assumes is his return. By the time Josuke and Yasuho find her, she is completely under the thrall of Fun Fun Fun, but as soon as Josuke beats Ojiro, she escapes the apartment. She is last seen trying to leave Morioh by hiding her naked body in a trash can, but she is startled by two small boys and falls over, exposing herself to them.
Suzuyo Hirose (広瀬 鈴世, Hirose Suzuyo)
Suzuyo is Yasuho's 44-year-old mother. She is a drunk and goes out to bars to pick up men, much to the horror of her daughter.
Holy Joestar-Kira (吉良・ホリー・ジョースター, Kira Horī Jōsutā)
A world-renowned ophthalmologist from T.H. Medical University Hospital, associate professor at Morioh's T.G. University, the mother of Yoshikage Kira, and direct descendent of Johnny Joestar, Yasuho and Josuke believe she is the key to discovering the truth about his past. Yasuho manages to find her in Morioh hospital's patient wards, but the nature of Holy's stay is not clear. After Yasuho's presence and lack of any relationship to Holy is discovered by security, Yasuho is removed from the hospital but not before Holy recognizes that Yasuho has developed a Stand that she believes will help her son. Like Josuke, Holy is also adept at discerning the exact dimensions of objects and distances, notably Yasuho's bust size just as Josuke had done earlier. When Yasuho is admitted into the hospital, she overhears the staff's examination of Holy, revealing that she seems to mistake people for objects and there are parts of her brain mysteriously missing amongst other organs including part of her lungs, a kidney, and her gallblader.
She shares her name with Part 3 Stardust Crusaders character Holy Kujo (née Joestar), daughter of Joseph Joestar and mother of Jotaro Kujo (the original Holy's name was written slightly differently).
Yoshiteru Kira (吉良 吉輝, Kira Yoshiteru)
Holy's husband and father of both Yoshikage and Nijimura, he died from a currently unstated cause in 1991 at the age of 46.
Karera Sakunami (作並 カレラ, Sakunami Karera)
A young woman who identifies Josuke as "Setchan", a friend of hers from her youth, and Josuke realizes that she may know who he used to be. After Josuke watches her scam an old man by being able to produce a hair from a tsukune ball she had just bought, Josuke wonders if she possesses a Stand, which he later sees around her. Upon learning more about Karera, how she is not interested in the past for unstated reasons, but how Yoshikage Kira helped her hide, she does eventually show Josuke a photo of who she thinks he is: Josefumi Kujo.
Karera's appearance and her Stand's powers and name are all similar to Yukako Yamagishi from Diamond Is Unbreakable.
Love Love Deluxe (ラブラブデラックス, Rabu Rabu Derakkusu)
Karera's Stand Love Love Deluxe enables her to make other people's hair grow so long as it is from something they have touched. It can be on that person's head or even other objects. She has used this ability to scam people out of money, making hair appear in food she has bought and stealing an ATM card and using her Stand's ability to show what the person's PIN is by having their hair grow on the screen. She also says she has tricked people into thinking she can make their hair grow back permanently, even though it only works within an 80-meter (260 ft) range, forcing them to return to her.
Kiyomi Kujo (空条 聖美, Kujō Kiyomi)
In 1997, she was a young woman who was recently divorced, while suffering from headaches and avoiding work. She calls in sick while at the beach, only to be fired, and then nearly loses her son when he is dragged underwater and suffers a near fatal blood clot that is only cured with the help of the young Yoshikage Kira. Not much else is revealed about her identity, or the identity of her ex-husband Sadafumi Kujo (空条 貞文, Kujō Sadafumi).


The first chapter title of each pair is the title that is used in the volumization of JoJolion. The second title is the title used in the original serialization in Ultra Jump.

No. Title Japanese release date Japanese ISBN
1 (105) Welcome to Morioh Town
Yōkoso, Moriō-chō e (ようこそ 杜王町へ)
December 19, 2011[1] ISBN 978-4-08-870311-4
  1. "Welcome to Morioh Town" (ようこそ 杜王町へ, Yōkoso, Morioh-chō e)
  2. "Soft & Wet (1)" (ソフト&ウェット その①, Sofuto Ando Wetto Sono 1)
  3. "Soft & Wet (2)" (ソフト&ウェット その②, Sofuto Ando Wetto Sono 2)
  4. "Soft & Wet (3)" (ソフト&ウェット その③, Sofuto Ando Wetto Sono 3)
  5. "Soft & Wet (4)" (ソフト&ウェット その④, Sofuto Ando Wetto Sono 4)
  1. "The 'Wall Eye' Boy" (「壁の目」の男, "Kabe no Me" no Otoko)
  2. "Who am I?"
  3. "Who am I? ②"
  4. "soft & wet"
  5. "soft & wet ②"
Yasuho Hirose discovers the body of a naked man underneath one of the Wall Eyes, and while investigating his identity, they are nearly killed by someone who thinks the naked man is Yoshikage Kira.
2 (106) His Name Is Josuke Higashikata
Higashikata Jōsuke toiu Namae (東方定助という名前)
April 19, 2012[2] ISBN 978-4-08-870413-5
  1. "Soft & Wet (5)" (ソフト&ウェット その⑤, Sofuto Ando Wetto Sono 5)
  2. "Josuke, Go to the Higashikata Family" (定助 東方家へ行く, Jōsuke Higashikata-ke e Iku)
  3. "California King Bed (1)" (カリフォルニア・キング・ベッド その①, Kariforunia Kingu Beddo Sono 1)
  4. "California King Bed (2)" (カリフォルニア・キング・ベッド その②, Kariforunia Kingu Beddo Sono 2)
  1. "Yoshikage Kira" (キラ・ヨシカゲ, Kira Yoshikage)
  2. "People of the Higashikata Family" (東方家の人々, Higashikata-ke no Hitobito)
  3. "Daiya Higashikata's Strange Love ①" (東方大弥の異常な愛情①, Higashikata Daiya no Ijō na Aijō 1)
  4. "Daiya Higashikata's Strange Love ②" (東方大弥の異常な愛情②, Higashikata Daiya no Ijō na Aijō 2)
The young man, now dubbed Josuke, is adopted by the Higashikata family. To return the favor of being given a home, Norisuke IV places him in charge of taking care of his blind daughter Daiya, who soon reveals she has a Stand and intends to use it to make Josuke her lover with her memory-stealing abilities.
3 (107) Their Family Tree
Sono Kakeizu (その家系図)
September 19, 2012[3] ISBN 978-4-08-870526-2
  1. "California King Bed (3)" (カリフォルニア・キング・ベッド その③, Kariforunia Kingu Beddo Sono 3)
  2. "The Family Tree" (家系図, Kakeizu)
  3. "'Paisley Park' and 'Born This Way' (1)" (『ペイズリー・パーク』と『ボーン・ディス・ウェイ』 その①, "Peizurī Pāku" to "Bōn Disu Wei" Sono 1)
  4. "'Paisley Park' and 'Born This Way' (2)" (『ペイズリー・パーク』と『ボーン・ディス・ウェイ』 その②, "Peizurī Pāku" to "Bōn Disu Wei" Sono 2)
  1. "Daiya Higashikata's Strange Love ③" (東方大弥の異常な愛情③, Higashikata Daiya no Ijō na Aijō 3)
  2. "The Secret of The SBR Race Record" (『SBRレース全記録』の秘密, "Esu Bī Āru Rēsu Zenkiroku" no Himitsu")
  3. "Morioh Town Navigation" (杜王町Navigation, Morioh-chō Nabigēshon)
  4. "Chaser" (追跡者, Tsuisekisha)
After besting Daiya, Josuke discovers the Higashikata Family Tree, leading him and Yasuho in a race to meet Yoshikage Kira's only known living relative: his mother Holy Joestar-Kira. However, Josuke soon encounters two Stands, including one that seems to be helping him.
4 (108) The Lemon and the Tangerine
Remon to Mikan (レモンとみかん)
May 17, 2013[4] ISBN 978-4-08-870642-9
  1. "'Paisley Park' & 'Born This Way' (3)" (『ペイズリー・パーク』と『ボーン・ディス・ウェイ』 その③, "Peizurī Pāku" to "Bōn Disu Wei" Sono 3)
  2. "'Paisley Park' & 'Born This Way' (4)" (『ペイズリー・パーク』と『ボーン・ディス・ウェイ』 その④, "Peizurī Pāku" to "Bōn Disu Wei" Sono 4)
  3. "'Paisley Park' & 'Born This Way' (5)" (『ペイズリー・パーク』と『ボーン・ディス・ウェイ』 その⑤, "Peizurī Pāku" to "Bōn Disu Wei" Sono 5)
  4. "The Lemon and the Tangerine" (レモンとみかん, Remon to Mikan)
  5. "'Shakedown Road' (1)" (『カツアゲロード』 その①, "Katsuage Rōdo" Sono 1)
  1. "The End of the Pursuit" (追跡の果て, Tsuiseki no Hate)
  2. "The Way to the Hospital" (病院への道, Byōin e no Michi)
  3. "Pursuer" (追跡者, Tsuisekisha)
  4. "Nijimura the Maid and Holy Joestar" (家政婦の虹村とホリー・ジョースター, Kaseifu no Nijimura to Horī Jōsutā)
  5. "trouble with the curve"
Josuke finishes his fight against the strange biker Stand with the help of the navigation Stand, only to meet the biker Stand's user: the Higashikata's maid Nijimura. She reveals her true identity to Josuke and helps him figure out who he really is, or at least in part, while Yasuho discovers why Holy Joestar was admitted to Morioh's TG University Hospital. Several days later, Josuke asks Norisuke IV if he can begin attending school, and he tasks Joshu with bringing him to the local high school, which lies at the end of Morioh's infamous Shakedown Road.
5 (109) Morioh Town: 1901
Moriō-chō "Sen Kyū-hyaku Ichi Nen" (杜王町『1901年』)
October 18, 2013[5] ISBN 978-4-08-870830-0
  1. "'Shakedown Road' (2)" (『カツアゲロード』その②, "Katsuage Rōdo" Sono 2)
  2. "'Shakedown Road' (3)" (『カツアゲロード』その③, "Katsuage Rōdo" Sono 3)
  3. "'Shakedown Road' (4)" (『カツアゲロード』その④, "Katsuage Rōdo" Sono 4)
  4. "Morioh Town: 1901" (杜王町『1901年』, Moriō-chō "Sen Kyū-hyaku Ichi Nen")
  1. "trouble with the curve ②"
  2. "trouble with the curve ③"
  3. "The Secret of Shakedown Road" (カツアゲロードの秘密, Katsuage Rōdo no Himitsu)
  4. "The Legend of Johnny Joestar" (ジョニィ・ジョースターの伝説, Jonī Jōsutā no Densetsu)
Josuke and Joshu discover the truth behind Shakedown Road and Josuke and Yasuho discover a mystery from Morioh's past.
6 (110) Tsurugi Higashikata's Goal, and the Architect
Higashikata Tsurugi no Mokuteki, Soshite Kenchikka (東方つるぎの目的 そして建築家)
March 19, 2014[6] ISBN 978-4-08-870891-1
  1. "Paper Moon Deception (1)" (ペーパー・ムーン まやかし その①, Pēpā Mūn Mayakashi Sono 1)
  2. "Paper Moon Deception (2)" (ペーパー・ムーン まやかし その②, Pēpā Mūn Mayakashi Sono 2)
  3. "Paper Moon Deception (3)" (ペーパー・ムーン まやかし その③, Pēpā Mūn Mayakashi Sono 3)
  4. "Tsurugi Higashikata's Goal, and the Architect" (東方つるぎの目的 そして建築家, Higashikata Tsurugi no Mokuteki, Soshite Kenchikka)
  1. "The Secret Hideaway" (秘密の小部屋, Himitsu no Koheya)
  2. "Tsurugi's Mystery" (つるぎのフシギ, Tsurugi no Fushigi)
  3. "I'm Meeting Josuke Higashikata!" (東方定助に会え!, Higashikata Jōsuke ni Ae!)
  4. "The Basement Dweller" (地下室の住人, Chikashitsu no Jūnin)
Yasuho unwittingly becomes acquainted with young Tsurugi Higashikata, but her abhorrence of the child's actions puts her under the thrall of Tsurugi's Stand. And the mysterious architect Yotsuyu Yagiyama makes himself known.
7 (111) King Nothing
Kingu Nasshingu (キング・ナッシング)
May 19, 2014[7] ISBN 978-4-08-880087-5
  1. "Norisuke Higashikata, Tsurugi Higashikata, and Yotsuyu Yagiyama (1)" (東方憲助と東方つるぎと八木山夜露 その①, Higashikata Norisuke to Higashikata Tsurugi to Yagiyama Yotsuyu Sono 1)
  2. "Norisuke Higashikata, Tsurugi Higashikata, and Yotsuyu Yagiyama (2)" (東方憲助と東方つるぎと八木山夜露 その②, Higashikata Norisuke to Higashikata Tsurugi to Yagiyama Yotsuyu Sono 2)
  3. "Norisuke Higashikata, Tsurugi Higashikata, and Yotsuyu Yagiyama (3)" (東方憲助と東方つるぎと八木山夜露 その③, Higashikata Norisuke to Higashikata Tsurugi to Yagiyama Yotsuyu Sono 3)
  4. "King Nothing" (キング・ナッシング, Kingu Nasshingu)
  1. "Suspicious People" (疑惑の人々, Giwaku no Hitobito)
  2. "The Higashikata Family Garden Terror" (東方家庭園の恐怖, Higashikata-ke Teien no Kyōfu)
  3. "The Looming Objects" (迫りくる物体, Semarikuru Buttai)
  4. "The Pursuit" (追跡, Tsuiseki)
Josuke and Norisuke IV find themselves under the attack of Yotsuyu Yagiyama, the architect of the Higashikata estate and a man who wants Josuke (or rather Yoshikage Kira) dead, and has convinced Tsurugi to help him.
8 (112) Every Day Is a Summer Vacation
Mainichi ga Natsuyasumi (毎日が夏休み)
October 17, 2014[8] ISBN 978-4-08-880238-1
  1. "'I Am a Rock' (1)" (『アイ・アム・ア・ロック』その①, "Ai Amu A Rokku" Sono 1)
  2. "'I Am a Rock' (2)" (『アイ・アム・ア・ロック』その②, "Ai Amu A Rokku" Sono 2)
  3. "Josuke! Go to the Higashikata Fruit Parlor" (定助!東方フルーツパーラーへ行く, Jōsuke! Higashikata Furūtsu Pārā e Iku)
  4. "Every Day Is a Summer Vacation (1)" (毎日が夏休み その①, Mainichi ga Natsuyasumi Sono 1)
  2. "The Ambitions of Yotsuyu Yagiyama" (八木山夜露の野望, Yagiyama Yotsuyu no Yabō)
  3. "The Fifth" (五代目, Godaime)
  4. "That Man, Jobin." (その男、常敏。, Sono Otoko, Jōbin.)
Josuke has no choice but to fight the mysterious Yotsuyu Yagiyama, as he may have some clue as to how to cure the Higashikata family's stone curse. But when Yotsuyu seemingly dies, Josuke instead discovers that the family's eldest son Jobin Higashikata may know more than be hiding something from the others, and decides to make a bet with him to discover the truth.
9 (113) Eldest Son: Jobin Higashikata
Danchō: Higashikata Jōbin (長男・東方常敏)
February 19, 2015[9] ISBN 978-4-08-880314-2
  1. "Every Day Is a Summer Vacation (2)" (毎日が夏休み その②, Mainichi ga Natsuyasumi Sono 2)
  2. "Every Day Is a Summer Vacation (3)" (毎日が夏休み その③, Mainichi ga Natsuyasumi Sono 3)
  3. "Every Day Is a Summer Vacation (4)" (毎日が夏休み その④, Mainichi ga Natsuyasumi Sono 4)
  4. "Jobin Higashikata Is a Stand User" (東方常敏はスタンド使い, Higashikata Jōbin wa Sutando Tsukai)
  1. "Round One" (第一取組, Dai-Ichi Torikumi)
  2. "The Second Game" (第2局, Dai-Ni-Kyoku)
  3. "Heated Match" (熱戦, Nessen)
  4. "Drive Recorder" (ドライブレコーダー, Doraibu Rekōdā)
Josuke enters his bet against Jobin to help Tsurugi and Yasuho discover exactly how he has come across the strange fruit. He discovers he will be pitting the giant stag beetle Jobin just gave him against one of Jobin's favorites in his collection. Along the way, he realizes that what he has actually entered is a battle of wits and Stands.
10 (114) Follow the Rokakaka Tree!
Rokakaka no Ki o Oe! (ロカカカの樹を追え!)
July 17, 2015[10] ISBN 978-4-08-880436-1
  1. "Doobie Wah (1)" (ドゥービー・ワゥ その①, Dūbī Wau Sono 1)
  2. "Doobie Wah (2)" (ドゥービー・ワゥ その②, Dūbī Wau Sono 2)
  3. "Doobie Wah (3)" (ドゥービー・ワゥ その③, Dūbī Wau Sono 3)
  4. "Doobie Wah (4)" (ドゥービー・ワゥ その④, Dūbī Wau Sono 4)
  1. "Pursuit" (追跡, Tsuiseki)
  2. "Follow Aisho Dainenjiyama!" (大年寺山愛唱に迫れ!, Dainenjiyama Aishō ni Semare!)
  3. "Tornado of Fear" (恐怖のトルネード, Kyōfu no Torunēdo)
  4. "Further Pursuit" (さらなる追跡, Saranaru Tsuiseki)
With information from Jobin's car, Yasuho and Tsurugi track down the mysterious Aisho Dainenjiyama who was last seen with the mysterious Rokakaka fruit. However, he soon discovers their presence and tries to kill them with his Stand, putting the two on the run as the tornado-like Doobie Wah! tracks them down.
11 (115) The Twins Are Coming to Town
Sōji ga Machi ni Yattekuru (双児が町にやって来る)
December 18, 2015[11] ISBN 978-4-08-880548-1
  1. "Love Love Deluxe (1)" (ラブラブデラックス その①, Rabu Rabu Derakkusu Sono 1)
  2. "Love Love Deluxe (2)" (ラブラブデラックス その②, Rabu Rabu Derakkusu Sono 2)
  3. "Love Love Deluxe (3)" (ラブラブデラックス その③, Rabu Rabu Derakkusu Sono 3)
  4. "Love Love Deluxe (4)" (ラブラブデラックス その④, Rabu Rabu Derakkusu Sono 4)
  1. "Setchan" (セッちゃん)
  2. "What is my name?"
  3. "Karera Sakunami the Runaway" (逃亡者作並カレラ, Tōbōsha Sakunami Karera)
  4. "Combination Play" (コンビネーションプレイ, Konbinēshon Purei)
After Dainenjiyama is defeated, Yasuho and Josuke finally meet up, but Josuke is distracted by a young woman who seems to know who he is. He meets up with this woman, Karera Sakunami, to discover she does know his original identity, but before he can learn enough from her, the two are attacked by a pair of Stand-using twins.
12 (116) Hato's Boyfriend
Hato-chan no Bōifurendo (鳩ちゃんのボーイフレンド)
March 18, 2016[12] ISBN 978-4-08-880647-1
  1. "Hato Brought Her Boyfriend Home (1)" (鳩ちゃんがボーイフレンドを連れて来た その①, Hato-chan ga Bōifurendo o Tsuretekita Sono 1)
  2. "Hato Brought Her Boyfriend Home (2)" (鳩ちゃんがボーイフレンドを連れて来た その②, Hato-chan ga Bōifurendo o Tsuretekita Sono 2)
  3. "Hato Brought Her Boyfriend Home (3)" (鳩ちゃんがボーイフレンドを連れて来た その③, Hato-chan ga Bōifurendo o Tsuretekita Sono 3)
  4. "Vitamin C and Killer Queen (1)" (ビタミンCとキラークイーン その①, Bitamin Shī to Kirā Quīn Sono 1)
  1. "Guest" (お客様, Okyakusama)
  2. "Tamaki Damo's Traces" (田最環の痕跡, Damo Tamaki no Konseki)
  3. "Two Years Ago, at Sea" (二年前、洋上にて。, Ninenmae, Yōjō nite.)
  4. "Josefumi, His Past" (仗世文、その過去, Josefumi, Sono Kako)
13 (117) Walking Heart
Wōkingu Hāto (ウォーキング・ハート)
July 19, 2016[13] ISBN 978-4-08-880742-3
  1. "Vitamin C and Killer Queen (2)" (ビタミンCとキラークイーン その②, Bitamin Shī to Kirā Kuīn Sono 2)
  2. "Vitamin C and Killer Queen (3)" (ビタミンCとキラークイーン その③, Bitamin Shī to Kirā Kuīn Sono 3)
  3. "Vitamin C and Killer Queen (4)" (ビタミンCとキラークイーン その④, Bitamin Shī to Kirā Kuīn Sono 4)
  4. "Walking Heart" (ウォーキング・ハート, Wōkingu Hāto)
  1. "Grafting" (継ぎ木, Tsugiki)
  2. "Trust" (信頼, Shinrai)
  3. "Josefumi & Kira" (仗世文と吉良, Josefumi to Kira)
  4. "Tamaki Damo Kills Again" (田最環は二度殺す, Damo Tamaki wa Nido Korosu)
14 (118) Dawn of the Higashikata Household
Higashikata-ka no Yoake (東方家の夜明け)
December 19, 2016[14] ISBN 978-4-08-880880-2
  1. "Walking Heart, Breaking Heart" (ウォーキング・ハート、ブレイキング・ハート, Wōkingu Hāto, Bureikingu Hāto)
  2. "The Milagro Man (1)" (ミラグロマン その①, Miraguro Man Sono 1)
  3. "The Milagro Man (2)" (ミラグロマン その②, Miraguro Man Sono 2)
  4. "Dawn of the Higashikata Household" (東方家の夜明け, Higashikata-ka no Yoake)
  1. "Conclusion and..." (決着、そして・・・, Kecchaku, Soshite...)
  2. "The Milagro Man (1)" (ミラグロマン その1, Miraguro Man Sono 1)
  3. "The Milagro Man (2)" (ミラグロマン その2, Miraguro Man Sono 2)
  4. "Meeting the Mother" (母との出会い, Haha to no Deai)
15 (119) Dolomite's Blue Lagoon
Doromite no Aoi Sangoshō (ドロミテの青い珊瑚礁)
July 19, 2017[15] ISBN 978-4-08-880882-6
  1. "Dolomite's Blue Lagoon (1)" (ドロミテの青い珊瑚礁 その①, Doromite no Aoi Sangoshō Sono 1)
  2. "Dolomite's Blue Lagoon (2)" (ドロミテの青い珊瑚礁 その②, Doromite no Aoi Sangoshō Sono 2)
  3. "Dolomite's Blue Lagoon (3)" (ドロミテの青い珊瑚礁 その③, Doromite no Aoi Sangoshō Sono 3)
  4. "Dolomite's Blue Lagoon (4)" (ドロミテの青い珊瑚礁 その④, Doromite no Aoi Sangoshō Sono 4)
  1. "The Man Who Lives by the Pond (1)" (池の辺に住む男 その①, Ike no hen ni Sumu Otoko Sono 1)
  2. "The Man Who Lives by the Pond (2)" (池の辺に住む男 その②, Ike no hen ni Sumu Otoko Sono 2)
  3. "Blue Hawaii (1)" (ブルーハワイ その①, Burū Hawai Sono 1)
  4. "Blue Hawaii (2)" (ブルーハワイ その②, Burū Hawai Sono 2)

Chapters not yet in tankōbon format[edit]

These chapters have yet to be published in a tankōbon volume. They were serialized in Ultra Jump in the April 2017 through August 2017 issues.

  1. "Blue Hawaii (3)" (ブルーハワイ その③, Burū Hawai Sono 3)
  2. "The Plant Appraiser (1)" (植物鑑定人 その①, Shokubutsukanteinin Sono 1)
  3. "The Plant Appraiser (2)" (植物鑑定人 その②, Shokubutsukanteinin Sono 2)
  4. "The Plant Appraiser (3)" (植物鑑定人 その③, Shokubutsukanteinin Sono 3)
  5. "The Plant Appraiser (4)" (植物鑑定人 その④, Shokubutsukanteinin Sono 4)


The first volume of JoJolion was the second best-selling manga for its debut week of December 19–25, 2011 with 237,374 copies sold.[16] The second volume ranked third, with 204,791 copies, for the week of April 16–22, 2012.[17] Its third volume debuted at number two for the week of September 17–23, selling 260,080 copies.[18] All three were some of the best-selling manga of 2012; volume one was 46th with 534,996 copies, volume two was 53rd with 516,040, and volume 3 sold 457,791 copies for 69th.[19][20] Volume four was number two for the week of May 12–18, 2013, selling 224,551 copies in its first week.[21] The 2013 edition of Kono Manga ga Sugoi!, which surveys people in the manga and publishing industry, named JoJolion the 12th best manga series for male readers.[22] It won the Grand Prize for manga at the 2013 Japan Media Arts Festival.[23]


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