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John Kennedy (born November 17, 1968) is a puppeteer who has worked with The Jim Henson Company since 1990. He hails from Plainfield, Indiana. From 1991 until 2003, Kennedy took over Jim Henson's role of Dr. Teeth, after which Bill Barretta took over in 2005. Kennedy has also performed Kermit the Frog in Disney Cruise Line, replacing Steve Whitmire.



Kennedy has written instructional books on puppeteering, aimed at younger audiences:

  • John Kennedy (2004-01-04). Puppet Mania!. North Light Books. ISBN 978-1-58180-372-3. 
  • John Kennedy (2006-04-26). Puppet Planet: The Most Amazing Puppet-Making Book in the Universe. North Light Books. ISBN 978-1-58180-794-3. 


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