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This list of Sesame Street puppeteers includes all who have worked on the show, as a regular, backup, guest puppeteer, etc., and by no means should be taken as complete, as many Muppeteers only have done one skit on the show, and thus aren't credited.

Muppets of Sesame Street[edit]

Grundgetta, Crystal of the Squirrelles (puppeteering only), Black and White Moo Wave cow, Nani Bird, Various

Hansel (2006)

  • Billy Barkhurst: (2009–2017)

Ernie (voice for Sesame Street Live shows (2009-2014); regular performer (2014–2018))

Zoe (2016–present), Gladys the Cow, Mama Bear, Francine Lloyd Wright, Granny Snuffle, Goldilocks (2005), Super Chicken (2005), Granny Bird (2018), Mommy Snuffleupagus (2000s), Various


Mona Monster, Cookie Monster's Grandma (1982), Forgetful Jones' Mother and Forgetful Jones' cousin, Various

Meryl Sheep, Ruby, Clementine, Goldilocks, Mama Bear, Juliet, Loretta, Stella, Countess von Backwards (1990), Ingrid (Anything Muppet), Velma the Grouch, Grandma Count, Herry Monster's Mother (1993), Polly Darton (1990), Various

  • Rickey Boyd: (2006–2013)

The Twiddlebugs (voices for CGI segments), Cookie Monster's Grandmother

Prairie Dawn (1970-2015), Zoe (1993-2015), Betty Lou (1970-1984), Little Bird, Roxie Marie, Polly Darton, Mrs. Crustworthy, Wanda Cousteau, Countess von Backwards (1994–2005), Nora Nicks, Helena, Goldilocks (2007), Various

  • Lisa Buckley: (1993–2008)

Betty Lou, Darlene of The Squirrelles, Various

Sherry Netherland, Betty Lou's Mommy, Mama Countess, Sophie (1995), Various

Gonger, Various

Louie (2007–present), Mr. Can You Guess, Big Bad Wolf (2007–2013), Super Chicken (2008), Various

Abby Cadabby, Goldilocks (2012–present), Rosa, Rose, Gretel (2006), Mae (2006), Various

Elmo (1985-2012), Hoots the Owl, Baby Natasha, Benny Rabbit, Wolfgang the Seal, Kingston Livingston III, The Grand High Triangle Lover, Clementine (1985-1987), Dr. Nobel Price (1984–1988), Chip Cat, Ferlinghetti Donizetti (1984–1986), Mel, Big Bad Wolf (1980s-2008), Preposterous, Watson, Segi (puppetry), Mario, Professor D. Rabbit, Dexter (head), J. P., Baby Fats Domino, Oliver, Gus, Warren Wolf, Buster the Horse (1980), Sophie (1985), Big Jeffy (1988), Cookie Monster's Mommy (2004), One of the Fuzzy Funk, One of the Git Along Little Doggies, Various

  • Bruce Connelly: (1993–2012)


Rudy, Various

  • Austin Michael Costello: (2016–2018)
    • Assistant puppeteer
  • Melissa Creighton: (2007)
  • Stephanie D'Abruzzo: (1993–present)

Prairie Dawn (2016–present), Curly Bear, Mae (2004; 2019–present), Lulu, Elizabeth, Mrs. Crustworhty (2016–present), Googel, Cookie Monster's Mommy (2016), Grover's Mommy (2001; 2016), Herry Monster's Mother (1998), Various

Mr. Snuffleupagus, Poco Loco, Leslie Mostly, Slimey the Worm, Forgetful Jones, Cowboy X, Sullivan, Tarnish Brother, Various

Elmo (2013–present), Roosevelt Franklin (puppetry - 2019–present), Lefty the Salesman (2019), Don Music (2019), Various

Mama Bear (1996-2002), Golidlocks (1996-2004), Sherry Netherland (1995–1998), Little Murray Sparkles, Loretta (1996-1998), Phoebe (2001–2002), Various

  • Artie Esposito: (2007)
  • Olga Felgemacher: (1977–1979)

Mrs. Bolinski, Various

Mr. Snuffleupagus (back end), Two-Headed Monster (right head (1978) debut sketch), Various

  • Fred "Garbo" Garver: (1984–1993)

Barkley, Dexter (hands), Garbo Gorilla


Sally Messy Yuckyael, Loretta (1993), Various


Mr. Honker (Follow That Bird)

  • Liz Hara: (2016–2017)
  • Chris Hayes: (2019–present)

Hoots the Owl

Ernie, Kermit the Frog, Guy Smiley, Little Chrissy (puppetry), Bip Bipadotta, Thomas Twiddlebug, Sinister Sam, Bad Bart, Little Bird (1969), Granny Fanny Nesselrode (1972), Spaceship Surprise Captain, The Genie (1973), Barry Rhymie (1978), Captain Vegetable (debut sketch), Charlie (occasionally), Yip Yip Martian, Two-Headed Monster's Mother, Harvey Monster (occasionally), Various

Two-Headed Monster (right head), Forgetful Jones (1981-1991), Gladys the Cow, Sully, Don Music, Placido Flamingo, Elmo (1984–1985), Sonny Friendly, Ferlinghetti Donizietti (1980-1984), Aristotle, Leo the Party Monster, Dip Cat, Brad, Timmy Twiddlebug, Captain Vegetable, Gilbert, Dr. Kvetch, Richard, Zero, Spaceship Surprise Mate, Worby the Grouch, Earl, Green Alphabeat, The Beetles' Lead Singer, Tarnish Brother, Grandpa Count, Grandpa Grouch, Larry Rhymie (1978), Mrs. Bolinski (1982), Tough Eddie (1984), Frazzle (1989), Harvey Monster (occasionally), Maurice Monster (occasionally), Yip Yip Martian, Mr. Snuffleupagus (back half, 1970s), Slimey the Worm (1978), Various

  • Michael Elizabeth Huston: (1986–1987)

Juliet, Various

Grover (1998–present), Bert (1998–present), Oscar the Grouch (2015–present), Guy Smiley (2005-present), Two-Headed Monster (left half) (2016–present), Various

  • Haley Jenkins: (2014–present)


Mr. Snuffleupagus (back end)

The Amazing Mumford (2004; 2018–present), Various

Elena, Various

  • Jim Kroupa: (1983–1993)


Ernie (2017–present), Herry Monster (2017–present), Osvaldo, el Gruñón, Timmy Twiddlebug, Samuel, Hansel (2005), Elmo (voice only, Spaghetti Space Chase grand opening ceremony) (2013), Various


  • Spencer Lott: (2016–present)

Samuel, Various

  • Peter MacKennan: (1987–1994)


  • Lara MacLean: (2001–2008)


Daddy Snuffle, Mommy Snuffleupagus (1980s–1990s), Granny Snufflie (occasionally), Gretel (2005-06), Various

  • Amanda Maddock (2006–2007)

Mary, Various

Preston Rabbit, Lassie, Irvine (1991), Betty Lou's Dad, Various

Murray Monster, Papa Bear, Two-Headed Monster (left head) (2001-2016), Horatio the Elephant, Stinky the Stinkweed, Ingrid, Joey Monkey, Merry Monster, Colambo, Baby Tooth, Bernie Broccoli, The Fairy Godperson, Cousin Bear, Figby, The Tooth Fairy, Cryanose de Bergerac (2007), Frazzle (2014), The Big Bad Wolf (occasionally), Various


  • Tracie Mick: (2007–2010)


  • Alison Mork: (1991–1993)


Barkley (1978–1984; 1987), Telly Monster (1980-1984), Elmo (1980-1984), Dr. Nobel Price, Grundgetta (1980-1984), Clementine, Pearl, Rusty, Alphabet Bates, Tarnish Brother, Gilbert (1980), Various

Grover's Mommy (1981), proto-Elmo (1981), Telly's Mom, Various

Count von Count (1972-2012), Mr. Snuffleupagus (1971-1978), Herry Monster (1970-2003), Mr. Johnson (1971-2012), Two-Headed Monster (left half) (1978-2000), The Amazing Mumford (1970-2011), Biff, Sherlock Hemlock, Little Jerry, Frazzle, Fred the Wonder Horse, Farley, Simon Soundman, Sam the Robot (occasionally), Herbert Birdsfoot, Big Bad Wolf (1971–2012), Pooc Loco (1974-1976), Tina Twiddlebug, Rodeo Rosie, Mr. Chatterly, Noel Cowherd, Phil Harmonic, Sir John Feelgood, Tough Eddie, Cyranose de Bergerac, H. Ross Parrot, Japanese Storyteller, The Genie, Ernest the Grouch, Granny Grouch, Lefty's Boss, Marty, Joe Busby, Jack Be Nimble, Lord Hog, Vern, Cousin Monster, Jackman Wolf, Mary Rhymie (1978), Barry Rhymie (1980), Dr. Kvetch (1997), Cookie Monster's Pop, Cookie Monster's Sister, Charlie (occasionally), Harvey Monster (occasionally), Mommy Snuffleupagus (1970s), proto-Elmo (1980), Yip Yip Martian, Various

Rosita, Ovejita, Various

  • Frank Oz: (1969–2000; occasionally - 2001-2013)

Bert (1969-2000; occasionally - 2003-2006), Cookie Monster (1969-2000; occasionally - 2001-2004), Grover (1969-2000; occasionally - 2002-2012), Roosevelt Franklin (puppetry), Harvey Kneeslapper, Lefty the Salesman, Professor Hastings, Tessie Twiddlebug (1974-1982), Prince Charming, Rufus, Officer Krupky, Moe Busby, Beautiful Day Monster, Bart, Betty Lou (1969-1970), Charlie (occasionally), Harvey Monster (occasionally), Tarnish Brother, Larry Rhymie (1980), Various

Telly Monster (1979 debut), Georgie, Slimey the Worm (1978), Mary Rhymie (1980), Various

  • Annie Peterle: (2008)


Deena, Masha, Various

Mr. Snuffleupagus, Telly Monster (1984–present), Slimey the Worm, Fluffy, Buster the Horse, Irvine, Monty, Vincent Twice, Mrs. Grouch, Sullivan, Shelley the Turtle, Old MacDonald, Dicky Tick, Ralphie, Tito, Otto the Grouch, Earl (1995), Bart (2017), Mommy Snuffleupagus (1980s), Freddy (2018), Big Bad Wolf (occasionally), Various

Cookie Monster (2001–present), Baby Bear, Two-Headed Monster (right half) (1998–present), Humphrey, Chicago the Lion, Davey Monkey, Athena, Flo Bear, Sully (1993-1999), Sonny Friendly (1992-2000), Tessie Twiddlebug (1987-1996), Norman, Dr. Edwynn, Ernestine, Rudder Rabbit, Velma Blank, Duane, Tyrone, Freddy (2017), One of the Fuzzy Funk, One of the Git Along Little Doggies, Granny Snuffle (1989), Dip Cat (1992), Cookie Monster's Grandma (1994), Mommy Snuffleupagus (1990s), Yip Yip Martian, Various

  • Daniel Seagren: (1969–1970)

Big Bird (occasionally), Guy Smiley (debut sketch), Various

Alice Snuffleupagus

Big Bird, Oscar the Grouch, Bruno the Trashman, Granny Bird, Granny Fanny Nesselrode, Sam the Robot (occasionally), Shivers the Penguin, Lefty the Salesman (occasionally - 1970), proto-Cookie Monster (1970 sketch), Various


Alfred Duck, Ernie (Play with Me Sesame, Sesame Street 4-D Magic - 2003), Phoebe (2002), Cookie Monster's Mommy (in Episode 4059), Yip Yip Martian, Various


  • Gabriel Velez: (1984–1985; 1998; 2016)

Osvaldo, el Gruñón, Dani

Big Bird, Count von Count (2013–present), Mr. Johnson (2014–present), Herb, Hansel (2006–present), Harvey Kneeslapper (2010), Forgetful Jones (2012; 2019), The Big Bad Wolf (2013), Kermit the Frog (2019), Various

Ernie, Kermit the Frog, Dr. Feel, Various

Mr. Snuffleupagus (back end)

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