John Sheppey

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John Sheppey
Bishop of Rochester
Rochester cathedral 010.JPG
Rochester Cathedral - Tomb of John de Sheppey
Appointed22 October 1352
Term ended19 October 1360
PredecessorHamo Hethe
SuccessorWilliam Whittlesey
Consecration10 March 1353
Personal details
Bornc. 1300
Died19 October 1360

John Sheppey (c. 1300 – 19 October 1360) was an English administrator and bishop. He served as treasurer from 1356 to 1360.[1] Little is known of his family and background. A Benedictine, he was ordained deacon in 1318, and later studied at Oxford. Later he became involved in royal government,[citation needed] and was made bishop of Rochester on 22 October 1352. He was consecrated on 10 March 1353. He died on 19 October 1360,[2] and was buried in Rochester Cathedral at the altar of St John the Baptist. As his will shows, he was a friend of his predecessor in the treasury, William Edington.

Sheppey is today remembered mostly for his sermons, many of which still survive.


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Political offices
Preceded by
William Edington
Lord High Treasurer
Succeeded by
Simon Langham
Catholic Church titles
Preceded by
Hamo Hethe
Bishop of Rochester
Succeeded by
William Whittlesey