Jugarem a estimar-nos

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Andorra "Jugarem a estimar-nos"
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Eurovision Song Contest 2004 entry
Jofre Bardagí
Jofre Bardagí
Finals performance
Semi-final result
Semi-final points
Appearance chronology
"La mirada interior" (2005) ►

"Jugarem a estimar-nos" ("We'll be playing at loving each other") was the debut entry for Andorra in the Eurovision Song Contest being performed in the semi-final of the 2004 contest. The song is in Catalan, the first time this language was performed in the contest.

The song was performed by Marta Roure, who sang sixth on the night, following Israel's David D'Or with "Leha'amin" and preceding Portugal's Sofia Vitória with "Foi magia" (both of which failed to qualify). At the close of voting, the song had received only 12 points, which all came from neighbours Spain, which put it in 18th place and meant that Andorra would not qualify for the final.

The song is sung from the perspective of a woman who is saying to a man that she does not know why they are together and acting like they are close when they hardly know each other. She tells him that she knows that they are not in love, nor will they be afterwards, but is prepared to accept this even though she wants it to be more meaningful.

The song was succeeded as Andorran representative at the Contest by Marian van de Wal singing "La mirada interior".

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