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KIAC is a computer reservations system used/owned by FedEx for booking space for cargo on their freighter aircraft. It is an old IBM PO4 system and was brought to FedEx with the purchase of Flying Tigers in 1989.


KIAC was initially designed as a tracking/tracing system with ULD control and shipment movement data appended to each airbill/air waybill...but it swiftly grew to include many, many other facets necessary to be competitive with growing automation in the industry. Flying Tigers played a major role in the development and implementation of interfaces with Customs systems worldwide, and with may other aspects of developments in the airline cargo world through its participation in IATA and ATA.


KIAC is due to be replaced in the near future by a server based system and taken off of the mainframe. It will be more user friendly by using English commands as opposed to the present three letter acronyms.


KIAC is an acronym itself that stands for KEY INFORMATION for AIR CARGO.


KIAC is supported by the company's KIAC SYSTEM SUPPORT GROUP (KSSG) based in Los Angeles. Mainframe support is operated by Network Operations Control {NOC} in Memphis