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Kadovar Island
Highest point
Elevation 365 m (1,198 ft)
Coordinates 3°37′S 144°37′E / 3.617°S 144.617°E / -3.617; 144.617
Location Papua New Guinea
Mountain type Stratovolcano

Kadovar Island is a volcanic island north-east of Papua New Guinea.


Kadovar is part of the Schouten Islands about 25 km north of the mouth of the Sepik River. Gewai village is near the crater rim. There are no record of historical eruptions and the latest volcanic activity was some heightened thermal phenomena in 1976.[1]


The first recorded sighting by Europeans of Kadovar Island was by the Spanish navigator Iñigo Órtiz de Retes on 21 July 1545 when on board of the carrack San Juan tried to return from Tidore to New Spain.[2]

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