Kamnik Bistrica

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Kamnik Bistrica
Veliki Predoselj 3078.JPG
The upper course of the Kamnik Bistrica
as it enters the Predoselj Gorge
Origin near the Kamnik Bistrica Lodge, Kamnik–Savinja Alps
46°19′40.4″N 14°35′14.68″E / 46.327889°N 14.5874111°E / 46.327889; 14.5874111Coordinates: 46°19′40.4″N 14°35′14.68″E / 46.327889°N 14.5874111°E / 46.327889; 14.5874111
Mouth the Sava, near Videm east of Ljubljana
Progression SavaDanubeBlack Sea
Basin countries Slovenia
Length 33 km (21 mi)
Source elevation 600 m (2,000 ft)
Mouth elevation 261 m (856 ft)
Avg. discharge 20.9 m3/s (740 cu ft/s) at mouth
Basin area 530 km2 (200 sq mi)
Left tributaries Nevljica

The Kamnik Bistrica (Slovene: Kamniška Bistrica, pronounced [ˈkáːmniʃka ˈbíːstrit͡sa])[1] is an Alpine river in northern Slovenia, a left tributary of the Sava River. It springs from the Kamnik Alps (part of the Southern Limestone Alps) near the border with Austria. It is 33 km (21 mi) long.[2] The Kamnik Bistrica flows through the town of Kamnik, where it is fed by the Nevljica River. It flows into the Sava south of Videm, about 10 km east of Ljubljana.


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