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View of Lake Trboje from Trboje

Lake Trboje (Slovene: Trbojsko jezero), also named Lake Mavčiče (Mavčiško jezero) and Lake Kranj (Kranjsko jezero),[1] is an artificial lake west of the village of Trboje in the Municipality of Šenčur, northwestern Slovenia. It was created in 1986 as a reservoir for the Mavčiče Hydroelectric Plant by damming the Sava River.[2]

The lake, which belongs to the Municipalities of Šenčur, Kranj, and Medvode, covers an area of 1 square kilometre (0.39 sq mi) and is up to 17 metres (56 ft) deep.[3] As the lake submerged part of the Zarica Gorge of the Sava, it is surrounded by steep banks, with conglomerate cliffs in the northern part. A number of villages lie at the lake: from the south towards the north, they are Moše, Trboje and Žerjavka on the east side, and Mavčiče, Praše, and Jama on the west side.[2]

The lake is renowned by its fauna, which includes numerous fish (particularly carp) and about 140 species of birds.[3] It is a rare and the biggest nesting place of the common merganser in Slovenia. The flora features a number of alpine species, among them the edelweiss.[4] It is a popular place for fishing and boating.[3]


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