Kasai Province

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Kasaï Province
Location of Kasaï Province
Coordinates: 5°21′S 21°25′E / 5.350°S 21.417°E / -5.350; 21.417Coordinates: 5°21′S 21°25′E / 5.350°S 21.417°E / -5.350; 21.417
Country  Democratic Republic of the Congo
Capital Luebo
Largest city Tshikapa
 • Governor Marc Manyanga[1]
 • Total 95,631 km2 (36,923 sq mi)
Area rank 12th
Population (2005 est.)
 • Total 3,199,891
 • Density 33/km2 (87/sq mi)
Official language French
Regional language Tshiluba

Kasai Province is one of the 26 provinces of the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Specified under Article 2 of the country's 2006 Constitution,[2] the new province was finally created in 2015 from the eponymous Kasaï District and the independently administered city of Tshikapa, both part of the former Kasaï-Occidental province.

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