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Not to be confused with Kathie, Kathi, Kathy, Cathy (given name), Katy, Kati, Cati, Catie, or Cathie.
This article is about the given name Katie. For the town in Oklahoma, see Katie, Oklahoma.
For the ship, see USS Katie (SP-660).
Pronunciation /ˈkti/ KAY-tee
Gender Female
Word/name Greek
Meaning "Pure"
Region of origin English-speaking countries
Other names
Related names

Katherine, Katharin, Kathryn, Catherine, Kaitlyn, Kathern, Cathern, Kate, Katy, Katerina, Catharine, Catherine, Cathy, Cathaleen, Kathleen, Katija or even in rare cases when the spelling is Kaitie

Spanish name: Katerina Katie is of English origin and means "pure".

Katie is an English feminine name. It is a pet form of Katherine, Kate, Caitlin, Kathleen and their related forms.[1] It is frequently used on its own. It may refer to:


  • Katie, the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim Rally Monkey
  • Katie Hill (born 1984), Australian wheelchair basketball player
  • Katie Hnida (born 1981), American NCAA football player
  • Katie Hoff (born 1989), American Olympic swimmer
  • Katie Thorlakson (born 1985), Canadian soccer player
  • Katie Swan (born 1999), British tennis player now living in the United States
  • Katie Ledecky (born 1997), American Competitive Swimmer
  • Katie Taylor, Irish boxer won gold for Ireland in the London Olympics 2012


Television and film[edit]


  • Katie Price (born 1978), British model also known as "Jordan"


  • Katie Hafner (born 1957), American journalist
  • Katie.com: My Story, autobiographical book, republished as A Girl's Life Online, which details how author Katie Tarbox was stalked and molested at age 14 by Frank Kufrovich


  • Katie Kissoon (born 1951, Trinidad and Tobago), English singer
  • Katie Melua (born 1984), Georgian singer
  • Katie Underwood (born 1975), Australian singer-songwriter
  • KT Tunstall (born 1975), Scottish singer
  • Katie Waissel (born 1986), British singer and contestant in the seventh series of The X Factor (UK)
  • Katie White (born 1983), English singer and front-woman of The Ting Tings


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