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Kazakhstan Basketball Championship (KBC)
Current season, competition or edition:
Current sports event 2015–16 Kazakhstan Basketball Championship
National Basketball Federation Kazakhstan.png
National Basketball Federation Kazakhstan logo
Sport Basketball
No. of teams 6 (4 in the regular season)
Country  Kazakhstan
Continent FIBA Asia (Asia)
Most recent
Barsy Atyrau
(2nd title)
Most titles Astana Tigers
(6 titles)
Level on pyramid 1st Tier
Relegation to Higher League
Kazakhstan Basketball Cup
Official website nbf.kz (Russian)

The Kazakhstan Basketball Championship (Russian: Чемпионата Казахстана по баскетболу) is the highest professional basketball league in Kazakhstan, it is organised by the National Basketball Federation Kazakhstan. Its official designation in full is: Basketball Championship of the Republic of Kazakhstan for men's teams (National league) (Russian: Чемпионата Республика Казахстан по баскетболу среди мужских команд (Национальной лиги)).

Kazakhstan is a member of FIBA Asia, as the country lies partly in Asia, and Kazakhstan Championship sides have played in its competitions such as the FIBA Asia Champions Cup, however the country also partly lies in Europe, and the league's teams have participated in FIBA Europe competitions such as the FIBA EuroChallenge and the FIBA Europe Cup as well. The league's clubs therefore are also eligible to, and often do compete in, Eastern European regional leagues such as the Baltic League and the VTB United League, which also operates as the top-tier national domestic league for Russia.

Barsy Atyrau are the champions as of the 2015–16 season, after winning their 2nd overall title that season.

2015–16 teams[edit]

Location of teams of the 2015–16 Kazakhstan Basketball League.
Team Russian name City Arena
Almaty Legion ПБК Алматинский легион Almaty Sports complex Dostyk
BC Astana БК Астана Astana Saryarka Velodrome
Caspiy Aktau БК Каспий Актау Aktau Sports complex Caspiy
PBC Kapchagay ПБК Капшагай Kapchagay Sports palace Jastar
Barsy Atyrau[a] БК Барсы Атырау Atyrau Sports and recreation complex Atyrau


Season Champion Finalist Finals Result
2003–04[1] Tobol Kostanay Otrar Almaty 101 - 87
2004–05[2] Astana Tigers Tobol Kostanay 3:0
2005–06 Astana Tigers (2×) Tobol Kostanay 3:2
2006–07 Astana Tigers (3×) Tobol Kostanay 3:0
2007–08 Astana Tigers (4×) BC Almaty 3:1
2008–09 Astana Tigers (5×) Tobol Kostanay 2:0
2009–10 Astana Tigers (6×) Tobol Kostanay 2:0
2010–11 Barsy Atyrau Tobol Kostanay 3:0
2011–12 BC Astana Barsy Atyrau 3:0
2012–13 BC Astana (2×) Barsy Atyrau 3:0
2013–14 BC Astana (3×) Barsy Atyrau 3:0
2014–15 BC Astana (4×) Almaty Legion 81:56
2015–16 Barsy Atyrau (2×) BC Astana 3:0

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  1. ^ Only for the playoffs.


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