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Khewra ( کھیوڑہ )
Khewra - The Kingdom of Salt
Tribal Chief: Maher Ghulam Shabbir
Khewra - Kohistan E Namak
Khewra - Kohistan E Namak
Official seal of Khewra ( کھیوڑہ )
Nickname(s): Kingdom of Salt, The City of SALTIANS, A Land of Peace, .
Motto: To Spread the Message of Peace
Country Pakistan
Region Jhelum
District Jhelum District
Tehsil Pind Dadan Khan
Tourist Attraction Khewra Salt Mines
Union Councils 2UC (Khewra-I & Khewra-II)
Wards 18
Maher 30 (Gang-man's)
Founded 14 March 1876
Boroughs Janjua Rajput
 • Chairman Maher Farooq Hussnain Nazar (UC-I)
 • Chairman Mehar Jaffir Ali Jaffri (UC-II)
 • Tribes Rajput, Khokhar, Mirza, Malik, Jotania, Phaphra, Mughal
 • Tribal chief Mehar Ghulam Shabbir
Elevation 277.48 m (910.36 ft)
 • Total 80,000
Demonym Saltian
Time zone PST (UTC+5)
Postal Code 49060
Area code(s) 0544
Khewra is the most famous City of Pakistan because of Khewra Salt Mines Tourist Resort.

Khewra (Urdu: کھیوڑہ) is a second populated City of Jhelum and the neighbor City of Pind Dadan Khan Tehsil in Jhelum District, Punjab province, Pakistan,[1] it is located at 32°38'60N 73°1'0E.[2] The City is administratively subdivided into two Union Councils[1] and is the location of the Khewra Salt Mines. Khewra City is also known as The Kingdom of Salt because of rock salt which is 98% pure and natural source of Salt in Pakistan named Khewra Salt Mines. Khewra Salt Mines is the Second Largest Salt Mine in the World. The population of Khewra city is near about 80,000 peoples. Khewra is known as a best tourist city of Jhelum District because of Khewra Salt Mine Tourist Resort.

Tourist Attractions in Khewra[edit]

  • Khewra Salt Mines: The Khewra City was established in 1876 with the support of British Army whose occupied on the Land of Khewra before 1947. Janjua Rajputs tribe was the founder of Khewra. Khewra Salt Mines is one of the best source of pure salt in Pakistan which was discovered in 1872 by the local family of Janjua Rajputs. Since 2002, the main tunnel of the mine has been converted into a tourist attraction. Some of the websites we consulted claim 35000-40000 visitors come here every year. In 2003 a major restoration work was carried out at the mines to make it a prime tourist destination. Decorative light-work was done to make portions of mine a walk through the glittering stars. The salt crystal found here is translucent? Which means it absorbs some light and reflects some. Depending upon the thickness (among other properties), the salt rock glows when lit in many different shades. The tourist attractions inside the mine include: Assembly Hall, Pul-saraat, Indoor Brine Ponds, Badshahi Mosque, Sheesh Mahal, Crystal Valley, Minar-E-Pakistan, The Great Wall of China, Narrow Gauge Electric Railway, Pakistan Post Office, Salt Crystal Formations and Old Mining Machinery.
  • Wadi-E-Tober: Wadi-E-Tober is a Mini Switzerland of Saltians and another wonderful tourist place of Khewra which is located on the way of Choa Saidanshah City. The Valley is almost entirely populated by the Khewra's Community in between the beautiful and green high mountains. It is a place of great natural beauty and a very popular place for the tourists.
  • Metha Patan Valley: This is an excellent destination of Khewra for trekking and hill walking. Metha Patan has also a single natural waterfall of Valley which is provided the sufficient amount of water to Khewra City. It attracts many tourists of Pakistan because of his natural greenish beauty. Metha Patan Valley has a potential for mountaineering and rock climbing. The valley is a prime destination during the summer season.


 Official Website of KHEWRA

Coordinates: 32°39′0″N 73°1′0″E / 32.65000°N 73.01667°E / 32.65000; 73.01667