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Kim Tai-chung

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Kim Tai-chung
Born(1957-06-05)June 5, 1957
DiedAugust 27, 2011(2011-08-27) (aged 54)
South Korea
Other namesKim Tai-jong
Tong Lung (唐龍; Chinese stage name)
OccupationActor, martial artist
Years active1977–1986
Korean name
Revised RomanizationGim Tae-jeong
McCune–ReischauerKim T'aejŏng

Kim Tai-chung (June 5, 1957 – August 27, 2011), also known as Kim Tai-jong or Tong Lung (唐龍; Chinese stage name), was a Korean born taekwondo practitioner martial artist actor and businessman. Kim is perhaps best known as the ghost of Bruce Lee in 1986 film No Retreat, No Surrender.

History and early career


In the 1970s, Kim made his first Hong Kong movie debut in 1977 film Snuff Bottle Connection, along with Hwang Jang Lee and Roy Horan. Kim played Bruce Lee’s character Billy Lo in 1978 film Game of Death, alongside Yuen Biao (who performed the acrobatics and stunts), Kim played Lee's character so well that the producers used him again a few years later.

In the 1980s, Kim played Bobby Lo in 1981 film Game of Death II alongside Hwang Jang Lee, Roy Horan, To Wai-wo and Lee Hoi-san. After Game of Death II, Kim returned to Korea and playing Master Bruce in 1982 film Jackie vs. Bruce to the Rescue (also known as Fist of Death) along with Lee Siu-ming (A Taiwanese Stuntman and Jackie Chan look alike.), and another Korean film Miss, Please Be Patient, it was released in September 1981.

In June 1985, Chinese film producer Ng See-yuen was looking for an actor to play the ghost of Bruce Lee in 1986 film No Retreat, No Surrender in his American debut and final film, which marked the film debut of Belgian martial artist actor Jean-Claude Van Damme as Ivan Kraschinsky. Kim played Bruce Lee to training Kurt McKinney's martial artist.

Retired from acting

After No Retreat, No Surrender, Kim returned to Korea and retired from acting at the age of 29 and became a businessman.

In 2008, Kim made a rare public appearance in Korea as part of a screening of Miss, Please Be Patient (아가씨 참으세요),[1] which had originally been released in 1981. Kim had played a leading role in that film.


On August 27, 2011, Kim died of stomach hemorrhage at the age of 54.[2][3]





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