Kinetic Honda

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Kinetic Honda
Industry Automobile
Fate Acquired
Successor(s) Mahindra & Mahindra Limited
Founded 1984 (1984)
Defunct 2008 (2008)
Headquarters India
Products Scooters and Motorcycles
Parent Firodia Group

Kinetic Honda was a joint venture between Kinetic Engineering Limited, India and Honda Motor Company, Japan. The JV operated during 1984 - 1998, manufacturing 2-stroke scooters in India. In 1998, the joint venture was terminated after which Kinetic Engineering continued to sell the models under the brand name Kinetic until 2008[1] when the interests were sold to Mahindra.

The brand Kinetic Honda is remembered for its legacy 2-stroke scooters (which were in fact based on the Honda NH series), with continuously variable transmission and electric start, first in India when it was launched (in 1984), and the only in India until the late 1990s.

Model History[edit]

  • 1984: Kinetic DX (98cc, 2-stroke, single mirror, black plastic finish)
  • 1984: Kinetic EX (98cc, 2-stroke, single mirror, black plastic finish, no indicators(replaced by black blocks), limited colour versions)
  • 1994: Kinetic ZX (98cc, 2-stroke, double mirror, wind shield, more graphical stickers, grey plastic finish)
  • 1995: Kinetic Marvel (99cc, 2-stroke, double mirror, wide shield, more graphical stickers, red, white and blackish blue plastic finish) The best awarded scooter of that year and comfortable sitting like sitting in a sofa.
  • 2001: Kinetic ZX Zoom (110cc, 2-stroke. Otherwise as the ZX) [2]
  • 2005: Kinetic 4s (113.5cc, 4-stroke) [3]

World records[edit]

  • 1991/92: Crossing of Sahara Desert with a fuel consumption same as a small car [4]


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