Kingsway (Edmonton)

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Kingsway Avenue, 108A Avenue
Kingsway (Edmonton) is located in Edmonton
Kingsway (Edmonton)
Kingsway (Edmonton)
Start/End points of Kingsway
Maintained bythe City of Edmonton
Length3.2 km (2.0 mi)[1]
West end121 Street / 118 Avenue
Princess Elizabeth Avenue, 109 Street, 111 Avenue, 101 Street
East end97 Street

Kingsway, sometimes called Kingsway Avenue, is an arterial road in central Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, that runs on a northwest to southeast path, cutting through the city's normal grid pattern. It skirts just to the south of Edmonton City Centre Airport, and connects to Kingsway Mall and the Royal Alexandra Hospital.

Until 1939, the road was called Portage Avenue and represented the northern boundary of development. During the 1939 royal tour of Canada, 70,000 people lined the specially constructed grandstands to see the royal motorcade with King George VI, Queen Elizabeth, and Prime Minister King, the street was renamed in honour of King George VI.[2] In 1951, their daughter, the then Princess Elizabeth, visited Edmonton, prompting the naming of the adjacent Princess Elizabeth Avenue. It starts as 118 Avenue and turns southeast by 121 Street (where the CN rail line used to be), continues straight to 97 Street and turns east again as it becomes 108A Avenue.


Before the completion of Yellowhead Trail, Kingsway would stretch from 118 Avenue to St. Albert Trail, as Highway 2 would follow 109 Street to Kingsway, turn northwest, and continue to St. Albert Trail.[3]


List of neighbourhoods Kingsway runs through, in order from west to east.[4]

Major intersections[edit]

This is a list of major intersections, starting at the west end of Kingsway.[4] The entire route is in Edmonton.

0.00.0Continues west as 118 Avenue
121 Street – Via Rail StationAt-grade (traffic lights)
0.30.19Airport Road / 119 StreetAt-grade (traffic lights)
0.90.56Airport RoadAt-grade (traffic lights)
1.40.87Princess Elizabeth Avenue – NAITAt-grade (traffic lights)
1.71.1109 Street – NAIT, City CentreAt-grade (traffic lights)
1.91.2108 Street – Kingsway MallAt-grade (traffic lights)
2.11.3111 AvenueAt-grade (traffic lights); at-grade LRT crossing on 111 Ave
2.21.4106 StreetWestbound exit only
Passes Kingsway/Royal Alex station
2.81.7 102 Street – Royal Alexandra HospitalAt-grade
2.91.8101 StreetAt-grade (traffic lights)
East end of Kingsway • West end of 108A Avenue
3.22.097 StreetAt-grade (traffic lights)
108A Avenue continues east (no eastbound cross traffic)
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi

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