100 Avenue, Edmonton

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100 Avenue
John and Zita Rosen Way
Maintained by the City of Edmonton
Length 6.6 km (4.1 mi)
Location Edmonton
Jasper Place
West end Stony Plain Road / 199 Street
East end 146 Street

100 Avenue is a major arterial road in west Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

The road starts as Stony Plain Road (Alberta Highway 16A), and as it approaches Anthony Henday Drive it separates into westbound and eastbound one-way streets. The westbound lanes occupy 101 Avenue, however keeps the name Stony Plain Road, while the eastbound street becomes 100 Avenue. 100 Avenue passes through a commercial area, taking on the name "John and Zita Rosen Way," and the major intersection of 170 Street and Mayfield Road, before becoming its own two-way street at 163 Street. It passes by MacEwan University Centre for the Arts Campus before arterial 149 Street, which can be used to get back on Stony Plain Road if one were on the way to downtown.

100 Avenue begins again after Groat Road as a local road, and continues through Downtown Edmonton.


List of neighbourhoods 100 Avenue runs through, in order from west to east:[1]

Interchanges and intersections[edit]

This is a list of major intersections, starting at the west end of 100 Avenue.[1]

Traffic direction Intersecting road Notes Coordinates
Continues as Hwy 16A west (Stony Plain Road) – Spruce Grove, Stony Plain
Eastbound only Stony Plain Road One-way transition 53°32′28″N 113°40′12″W / 53.54111°N 113.67000°W / 53.54111; -113.67000 (100 x 199)
Hwy 216 / Anthony Henday Drive (Exit 21) Cloverstack interchange
Alberta Highway 16A.svg Hwy 16A ends.
53°32′18″N 113°39′33″W / 53.53833°N 113.65917°W / 53.53833; -113.65917 (100 x Henday)
184 Street At-grade (traffic lights) 53°32′15″N 113°38′24″W / 53.53750°N 113.64000°W / 53.53750; -113.64000 (100 x 184)
178 Street At-grade (traffic lights) 53°32′16″N 113°37′39″W / 53.53778°N 113.62750°W / 53.53778; -113.62750 (100 x 178)
170 Street (to Mayfield Road) Split intersection (traffic lights) 53°32′22″N 113°36′57″W / 53.53944°N 113.61583°W / 53.53944; -113.61583 (100 x 170)
West-East 163 Street At-grade (traffic lights)
Two-way traffic begins.
53°32′21″N 113°36′10″W / 53.53917°N 113.60278°W / 53.53917; -113.60278 (100 x 163)
156 Street At-grade (traffic lights) 53°32′21″N 113°35′25″W / 53.53917°N 113.59028°W / 53.53917; -113.59028 (100 x 156)
149 Street At-grade (traffic lights)
City Centre traffic turns north to connect with Stony Plain Road.
53°32′21″N 113°34′41″W / 53.53917°N 113.57806°W / 53.53917; -113.57806 (100 x 149)
Becomes residential street.
146 Street At-grade 53°32′21″N 113°34′22″W / 53.53917°N 113.57278°W / 53.53917; -113.57278 (100 x 146)
  •       Route transition


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