Terwillegar Drive

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Terwillegar Drive is located in Edmonton
Terwillegar Drive
Terwillegar Drive
Start/End points of Terwillegar Drive
Terwillegar Drive
Terwillegar Drive SW, 170 Street SW
Maintained by the City of Edmonton
Length 10.7 km (6.6 mi)
Location Edmonton
South end City Limits (41 Avenue SW)
Ellerslie Road, Windermere Boulevard, Anthony Henday Drive, 23 Avenue, Rabbit Hill Road, Whitemud Drive
North end Whitemud Drive

Terwillegar Drive is a developing freeway in south-west Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. It is under construction, with the majority of its intersection at-grade, it retains its arterial road status. Once completed, it will be the third freeway in Edmonton not to have a highway designation after Groat Road and Wayne Gretzky Drive.

Because of the recent developments in the Windermere area, and the lack of proper signage, it remains unclear where the transition from 170 Street SW to Terwillegar Drive occurs, and the transfer from the SW to NW quadrant occurs. The placement of Quadrant (1) Avenue is approximately where Ambleside Link lays, however the 2009 edition of MapArt's City of Edmonton map places the quadrant line on Windermere Boulevard. Edmonton has adapted a quadrant system because portions lay south of Quadrant (1) Avenue, creating duplicates in Avenue numbers, addresses on 41 Avenue and south have been encouraged to include NW to avoid confusion with addresses south of Quadrant (1) Avenue.

In a Leduc County growth study, dated 2008, the expressway will continue south, west of the Edmonton International Airport, and then swing east across Highway 2 south of Leduc, and join Highway 2A between Kavanagh and Leduc, which is also scheduled to be twinned.[1]


List of neighbourhoods Terwillegar Drive runs through, in order from south to north.[2]

Interchanges and intersections[edit]

Terwillegar Drive has 11 interchanges.[2]

Direction Intersecting road Current intersection type Planned intersection Coordinates
South-North 41 Avenue SW At-grade Diamond interchange[3] 53°23′45″N 113°36′53″W / 53.39583°N 113.61472°W / 53.39583; -113.61472 (170 x 41SW)
Ellerslie Road (9 Avenue SW) At-grade Diamond interchange[3] 53°25′29″N 113°36′53″W / 53.42472°N 113.61472°W / 53.42472; -113.61472 (170 x 9SW)
Washburn Drive / Anderson Way At-grade Underpass[3] 53°25′43″N 113°36′53″W / 53.42861°N 113.61472°W / 53.42861; -113.61472 (Terwillegar x Washburn)
Wates Link / Ambleside Link At-grade Access to be closed[3] 53°26′0″N 113°36′53″W / 53.43333°N 113.61472°W / 53.43333; -113.61472 (Terwillegar x Ambleside)
Windermere Boulevard Diamond interchange at-grade Diamond interchange[3] 53°26′14″N 113°36′48″W / 53.43722°N 113.61333°W / 53.43722; -113.61333 (Terwillegar x Windermere)
Southwest-Northeast Anthony Henday Drive Diamond interchange Stack interchange[3] 53°26′35″N 113°35′58″W / 53.44306°N 113.59944°W / 53.44306; -113.59944 (Terwillegar x Henday)
South-North Haddow Drive At-grade (traffic lights) Underpass[3] 53°27′5″N 113°35′23″W / 53.45139°N 113.58972°W / 53.45139; -113.58972 (Terwillegar x Haddow)
Riverbend Road / 23 Avenue NW Diamond interchange at-grade Diamond interchange[3] 53°27′27″N 113°35′21″W / 53.45750°N 113.58917°W / 53.45750; -113.58917 (Terwillegar x 23NW)
Rabbit Hill Road Diamond interchange at-grade Diamond interchange 53°28′7″N 113°34′54″W / 53.46861°N 113.58167°W / 53.46861; -113.58167 (Terwillegar x Rabbit)
40 Avenue NW / Bulyea Road Diamond interchange at-grade Diamond interchange 53°28′35″N 113°34′30″W / 53.47639°N 113.57500°W / 53.47639; -113.57500 (Terwillegar x 40NW)
Whitemud Drive Directional T interchange 53°28′58″N 113°34′13″W / 53.48278°N 113.57028°W / 53.48278; -113.57028 (Terwillegar x Whitemud)


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