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Kirnu linnanmäki.jpg
Coordinates 60°11′18″N 24°56′24″E / 60.18833°N 24.94000°E / 60.18833; 24.94000Coordinates: 60°11′18″N 24°56′24″E / 60.18833°N 24.94000°E / 60.18833; 24.94000
Status Operating
Opening date April 27, 2007
Cost About 3 million euros.
General statistics
Type Steel – 4th Dimension
Manufacturer Intamin
Designer Werner Stengel
Model ZacSpin
Height 83.4 ft (25.4 m)
Length 465.11 ft (141.77 m)
Speed 37 mph (60 km/h)
Inversions 0
Duration 1:00
Capacity 640 riders per hour
G-force 2.6
Height restriction 55.118 in (140 cm)
Kirnu at RCDB
Pictures of Kirnu at RCDB

Kirnu (Finnish for Butter churn) is a steel roller coaster located at the Linnanmäki amusement park in Helsinki, Finland. Kirnu is Intamin's first ball coaster.


The ride starts as riders climb the curved lift hill followed by a quick pre-drop and immediately go into a sharp half loop and then go through another half loop and finally another half loop before being slowed back down by near-vertical magnetic brakes, and then finally doing a quarter loop and then returning to the station.


As Intamin's first ball coaster, it changed the way Finnish rollercoasters were viewed. The ride has since inspired new ZacSpin Roller Coasters


On May 16, 2007 a man injured his leg on Kirnu and its brakes were renewed.[1]

After the deadly incident on Inferno at Terra Mítica in Benidorm, Spain on July 7, 2014,[2][3] and because the two rides have an identical layout, Linnanmäki had ceased running Kirnu for several days before reopening the coaster.[4]


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