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Gyro tower in the Heide Park
Gyro tower Holsteinturm in Hansa-Park, Sierksdorf, Schleswig-Holstein

A gyro tower, or panoramic tower, is a revolving observation tower with a vertical moving platform. A gyro tower's observation deck is not simply raised to provide its passengers a spectacular view, it is also rotated around the supporting mast, either once in the raised position or while traveling up and down the center mast.

Gyro towers are seldom part of funfairs but can be found more often in permanent amusement parks. A well-known American gyro tower is the Kissing Tower at Hersheypark.

A special gyro tower is the Space Tower atop the Euromast in Rotterdam. It may be the only gyro tower standing on a roof of a structure and not on the ground.

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