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Kita-ku in Saitama City

Kita-ku (北区 Kita-ku?, lit. "North ward") is a ward of Saitama city, Saitama Prefecture, Japan, occupying the northern part of the city. It is surrounded by Minuma-ku (east), Ōmiya-ku (south), Nishi-ku (west) of Saitama city and Ageo city (north).


Until May 1, 2001 it was a northern part of Ōmiya city.

On that day Ōmiya merged with neighboring cities of Urawa and Yono to form the city of Saitama.

On 1 April 2003, the day Saitama city became a city designated by government ordinance, Kita-ku was sectored as well as other eight wards.


A global automotive company, Calsonic Kansei, is headquartered in the ward.[1]

Points of interest[edit]

The bonsai nurseries located in the area of Kita-ku is usually referred to as the "Ōmiya Bonsai Village" because it is in the area of former Ōmiya city. It has the official suburb name of "Bonsai-chō" (盆栽町, lit. "Bonsai Town".) The place is a must-see for bonsai enthusiasts travelling to Japan.

After the 1923 Great Kantō earthquake bonsai nurseries relocated from Tokyo and formed the bonsai village.

The Railway Museum campus is located on the border with Ōmiya-ku.


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Coordinates: 35°55′48″N 139°37′14″E / 35.93000°N 139.62056°E / 35.93000; 139.62056