Korean Communications Zone

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Korean Communication Zone
Active June 11, 1952 - July 1956
Country  United States
Allegiance  United Nations
Size 34,280 personnel (at time of armistice)[1]
Nickname(s) KComZ
Decorations ROK Presidential Unit Citation[2]
Disbanded July 1956
Maj. Gen. Thomas W. Herren

The Korean Communications Zone, abbreviated to KComZ or KCOMZ, was a military formation created during the Korean War as an umbrella unit to oversea supply to United Nations forces fighting on the peninsular, as well as to deal with the problems created by large numbers of refugees and prisoners of war in the South.[3]


KCOMZ was formed in June 1952 as an amalgamation of the US 2nd and 3rd Logistical Commands, both of which had been previously co-ordinating supply operations in Korea.


KComZ became operational on August 21, 1952. KCOMZ became responsible for all logicistical support to United Nations, US and South Korean forces, as well as political and economic relations with the South Korean government, operation of Korean National Railways and control of all North Korean and Chinese prisoners of war.[4]

Unit insignia[edit]

The most common unit insignia worn by KCOMZ personnel depicted an orange flame in a white bracket in the centre of a green shield. Another less common variant exists, also shaped like a shield but with the letters KCOMZ displayed diagonally in white on a green background.


In July 1956 the unit was redesignated the Eighth U.S. Army Support Command, later redesignated the U.S. Army Area Command, and finally the 7th Logistical Command.


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