Kunur River

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Kunur River (Kunu)
Country India
State West Bengal
City Guskara
 - location TILABONI, Faridpur, Durgapur
Length 112 km (70 mi)

Kunur River, one of the main tributaries of the Ajay, 112 kilometres (70 mi) in length, has its origin near Bansgara in the Faridpur police station area. With water from several small streams swelling it during the monsoons, it often floods large areas of the Ausgram community blocks and Mangalkot police stations of Bardhaman district. It joins the Ajay near Ujani village.[1]


Microliths of crystalline stone and petrified wood from about 1250–1000 BC are found in many places in the Ajay-Kunur-Kopai river system.[2]


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Coordinates: 23°31′59″N 87°54′06″E / 23.533143°N 87.901611°E / 23.533143; 87.901611