La Liga Manager of the Month

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Marcelino, who won the first Manager of the Month award in September 2013
Francisco was the first manager who won the award twice in a season
Nuno Espírito Santo won the award three times in the 2014–15 season

The Manager of the Month is an association football award that recognises the best La Liga manager each month of the season.


Month Year[nb 1] Nationality Manager Team Ref
September 2013.92013  Spain García Toral, MarcelinoMarcelino García Toral Villarreal [1]
October 2013.102013  Argentina Simeone, DiegoDiego Simeone Atlético de Madrid [2]
November 2013.112013  Spain Francisco Almería [3]
December 2013.122013  Spain Jagoba Arrasate Real Sociedad [4]
January 2014.012014  Spain Ernesto Valverde Athletic Bilbao [5]
February 2014.022014  Argentina Juan Antonio Pizzi Valencia [6]
March 2014.032014  Spain Unai Emery Sevilla [7]
April 2014.042014  Spain Paco Jémez Rayo Vallecano [8]
May 2014.052014  Spain Francisco Almería [9]
September 2014.092014  Portugal Nuno Espírito Santo Valencia [10]
October 2014.102014  Italy Carlo Ancelotti Real Madrid [11]
November 2014.112014  Spain Ernesto Valverde Athletic Bilbao [12]
December 2014.122014  Portugal Nuno Espírito Santo Valencia [13]
January 2015.012015  Spain Unai Emery Sevilla [14]
February 2015.022015  Portugal Nuno Espírito Santo Valencia [15]
March 2015.032015  Spain Ernesto Valverde Athletic Bilbao [16]
April 2015.042015  Italy Carlo Ancelotti Real Madrid [17]
May 2015.052015  Spain José Ramón Sandoval Granada [18]
September 2015.92015  Spain García Toral, MarcelinoMarcelino García Toral Villarreal [19]

Multiple winners[edit]

The below table lists all the people that have won on more than one occasion.

* Indicates current La Liga manager
Italics Indicates managers still managing in professional football
Rank Managers Wins
1st Nuno Espírito Santo 3
Ernesto Valverde 3
3rd Carlo Ancelotti 2
Francisco 2
Unai Emery 2
Marcelino García Toral 2

Awards won by nationality[edit]

Country Wins
 Spain 12
 Portugal 3
 Argentina 2
 Italy 2

Awards won by club[edit]

Club Wins
Valencia 4
Athletic Bilbao 3
Almería 2
Real Madrid 2
Sevilla 2
Villarreal 2
Atlético de Madrid 1
Granada 1
Rayo Vallecano 1
Real Sociedad 1


  1. ^ Each year is linked to an article on the particular season associated with the month of that year.