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The Leakey family is a British and Kenyan family consisting of a number of notable military figures and archaeologists of the 20th and 21st centuries.

Notable members[edit]

Archaeology and science[edit]

  • Colin Leakey (born 1933), plant scientist; son of Louis Leakey
  • Louis Leakey (1903–1972), archaeologist; son of Harry Leakey and cousin of Nigel and Rea Leakey
  • Louise Leakey (born 1972), paleontologist; daughter of Meave and Richard Leakey, married to Prince Emmanuel de Merode.
  • Mary Leakey (1913–1996), archaeologist; wife of Louis Leakey
  • Meave Leakey (born 1942), palaeoanthropologist; wife of Richard Leakey
  • Richard Leakey (born 1944), politician and palaeoanthropologist; son of Louis and Mary Leakey



Leakey family tree[edit]


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