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CIMIC Group Limited
Traded as ASXCIM
Industry Construction, Civil engineering
Predecessor Leighton Holdings Ltd
Founded 1949
Headquarters St Leonards, New South Wales, Australia
Key people
Marcelino Fernandez Verdes, Executive Chairman
Marcelino Fernandez Verdes, CEO
Revenue A $23.13 billion (2012)
A $773.2 million (2012)
A $450.1 million (2012)

CIMIC Group Limited (formerly known as Leighton Holdings prior to April 2015) is a leading international contractor.[1] It is active in the telecommunications, engineering and infrastructure, building and property, mining and resources, and environmental services industries. It has operations in Australia, South East Asia, New Zealand, and the Middle East. Leighton Holdings changed its name to CIMIC Group Limited [2][3]

CIMIC stands for Construction, Infrastructure, Mining and Concessions.[2]


Founded in 1949 by Stanley Leighton, an Englishman, Leighton Holdings was first listed on the Melbourne Stock Exchange in 1962. It established an operation in Asia, known as Leighton Asia in 1975.

In March 2014, the majority owner of Leighton, Hochtief, installed its own CEO, Marcelino Fernandez Verdes, as the firm's CEO.[4]

In June 2014, CEO Marcelino Fernandez Verdes elevated to executive chairman following the retirement of board member Bob Humphris.[5]

In April 2015 Leighton Holdings changed its name to CIMIC Group (abbreviated from "Construction, Infrastructure, Mining and Concessions").[6]

Logo used prior to April 2015


Leighton Contractors[edit]

Leighton Contractors is the core contracting business around which the rest of the structure of the Leighton Group has been formed.

John Holland Group[edit]

Leighton Holdings formerly owned the John Holland Group, a major Australian construction, rail and tunnelling group. Founded in 1949 by John Holland (later Sir John Holland),[7] this entity built Parliament House in Canberra in joint venture with Concrete Constructions, a structure completed in 1988.[8]

In December 2014, Leighton Holdings entered a binding agreement for the sale of John Holland to Chinese construction giant, CCCC International Holding Limited, a wholly owned subsidiary of the Chinese Communications Construction Company. The sale of John Holland was completed for approximately A$1.15 billion.[9]


Leighton Holdings also owns Thiess, an Australian integrated construction, mining and services provider, and Thiess Services, an environmental and utilities contracting organisation and an subsidiary of parent company Thiess. Originating in Queensland in 1934, Thiess became a part of the Leighton Group in 1983 when Hochtief first bought shares in Leighton.

Middle East[edit]

The business owns a 45% share in the Al Habtoor Leighton Group, one of the leading construction groups in the Middle East.

Leighton Asia, India and offshore[edit]

The business operates in India, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Singapore, Brunei, Vietnam, Philippines and Mongolia as well as oceangoing barges.

Leighton Properties[edit]

The business is a property development company in commercial, residential and mixed-use precincts, established in 1972 and operating in Australia.

Major projects[edit]

Major projects undertaken by Leighton Holdings include the Ross River Dam completed in 1971,[10] the Anglo-Australian Observatory completed in 1971,[10] the Burdekin Dam completed in 1987,[10] Brisbane Airport completed in 1988,[10] the ABC Centre in Ultimo completed in 1991,[10] the Eastern Distributor tunnel completed in 1999,[11] the Clem Jones Tunnel completed in 2010,[12] the Gateway Bridge Duplication completed in 2011,[13] and the Airport Link in Brisbane which was opened in 2012.[14]


About 70% of the shares in Leighton Holdings are held by Hochtief.[15] Grupo ACS in turn is the parent company of Hochtief.


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