Let There Be Rock: The Movie – Live in Paris

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Let There Be Rock: The Movie – Live in Paris
Ac dc let there be rock the movie.jpg
Live album / Soundtrack album by AC/DC
Released 18 November 1997
Recorded 9 December 1979
Pavillon de Paris, Paris, France
Genre Hard rock
Length 79:02
Label East West
Producer Tony Platt
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Let There Be Rock: The Movie – Live in Paris is a live double CD by the hard rock band AC/DC, released as "Disc Two" and "Disc Three" of the Bonfire box set in 1997. It is also the soundtrack of the film AC/DC: Let There Be Rock. It is also technically the last album Bon Scott did with the band before he died. It was recorded a year before his passing and released posthumously eighteen years after his passing.


The album was recorded live on 9 December 1979 at the Pavillon de Paris in Paris, France, during the Highway to Hell World Tour and was mixed to 1 track mono and as such the album is not in stereo.

A motion picture of this concert, entitled AC/DC: Let There Be Rock, was released theatrically and on videotape in 1980, and on DVD on 7 June 2011.[1] However, the movie does not contain the performance of "T.N.T." included on this album. The album also does not contain the band interviews found on the film. Dave Grohl from the Foo Fighters said that as a kid after seeing the movie in a cinema he was so overawed and exhilarated that he wanted to go home to his guitar, not to play it but to smash it.

Though this album shares a name with AC/DC's fourth studio album, Let There Be Rock, it also includes live versions of songs from T.N.T., Powerage, and Highway to Hell. The cover used on Disc Three of the Bonfire box set featured similar cover art to that used on the international and current Australian editions of the Let There Be Rock album, and on the movie poster and videotape package of AC/DC: Let There Be Rock.

The album is one of two live albums on the Bonfire set, the other being Live from the Atlantic Studios. Both albums are two of three live albums in an AC/DC rarity box set, the other being Live Rarities in Backtracks.

Professional ratings
Review scores
Allmusic4/5 stars link

Track listing[edit]

Disc 1

  1. "Live Wire" – 8:04
  2. "Shot Down in Flames" – 3:39
  3. "Hell Ain't a Bad Place to Be" – 4:31
  4. "Sin City" – 5:25
  5. "Walk All Over You" – 5:06
  6. "Bad Boy Boogie" – 13:20

Disc 2

  1. "The Jack" – 6:05
  2. "Highway to Hell" – 3:30
  3. "Girls Got Rhythm" – 3:20
  4. "High Voltage" – 6:32
  5. "Whole Lotta Rosie" – 4:55
  6. "Rocker" – 10:45
  7. "T.N.T." – 4:13
  8. "Let There Be Rock" – 7:34

Australian Version

  1. "Live Wire" – 8:04
  2. "Shot Down in Flames" – 3:39
  3. "Hell Ain't a Bad Place to Be" – 4:31
  4. "Sin City" – 5:25
  5. "Bad Boy Boogie" – 13:20
  6. "The Jack" – 6:05
  7. "Highway to Hell" – 3:30
  8. "Girls Got Rhythm" – 3:20
  9. "High Voltage" – 6:32
  10. "Whole Lotta Rosie" – 4:55
  11. "Rocker" – 10:45
  12. "Let There Be Rock" – 7:34
  • All songs composed by Malcolm Young, Angus Young and Bon Scott.
  • In the accompanying CD booklet, Mark Evans was incorrectly credited with playing bass. He was no longer a member of the band by the time the concert was filmed.



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