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For the books about the character, see Lilli the witch.
Lilly the Witch
Also known as Hexe Lilli
Genre Children's
Created by Magma Films
Voices of Ian James Corlett
Joanna Leeds
Adam Rose
Phoebe McAuley
Crystal Scales
Theme music composer Keith Hopwood
Country of origin
  • United Kingdom
  • United States
  • Germany
  • Canada
  • France
Original language(s)
  • English
  • German
  • French
No. of seasons 3
No. of episodes 52
Producer(s) Magma Films
Original network BBC and CBBC
Original release 6 September 2004 (2004-09-06)[1] – 2013

Lilly the Witch (German: Hexe Lilli) is a Canadian animated television series based on the books by Knister. The show first aired in Canada on TVOKids then on CBBC in 2004. In 2013, the series was rebooted in a new animation style for a third season. The first two seasons aired first on TVOKids and then on BBC Kids under the shortened title Lilly which does not call her a witch.


  • Lilly is a girl who is 9[citation needed] years old. She thinks of herself as normal until she stumbles upon a magic book and learns to cast spells. From then on she experiences many funny and wild adventures that take her all over the world.
  • Hector is a cheeky little green dragon, he is Lilly’s friend and an expert for magic.
  • Leon is Lilly’s younger brother.


Season 1 (2004)[edit]

  1. Lilly In The Wild West[2]
  2. Lilly And The Legend Of Prince Charming
  3. Lilly In The Stone Age
  4. Lilly And Atlantis
  5. Lilly And The Dinosaurs
  6. Lilly And The Mystery Of The Mummy
  7. Lilly And The Lochness Monster
  8. Lilly And Hercules
  9. Lilly And The Giant Insects
  10. Lilly And The Vikings
  11. Lilly And Robin Hood
  12. Lilly In The Rainforest
  13. Lilly And Leonardo

Season 2 (2007)[edit]

  1. Lilly And King Arthur
  2. Lilly In The New World
  3. Lilly And The Musketeers
  4. Lilly And Houdini
  5. Lilly And The Gold Rush
  6. Lilly Around The World In Eight Days
  7. Lilly And The Master Detective
  8. Lilly In Hollywood
  9. Lilly And Frankenstein's Monster
  10. Lilly And The Leprechauns
  11. Lilly In China
  12. Lilly And The Pirates
  13. Lilly On The Moon

Season 3 (2013)[edit]

  1. Lilly's New Room
  2. Lilly And The Mongolian Pony
  3. Lilly And The Mummy's Curse
  4. Lilly's New Pet
  5. Lilly The Princess
  6. Lilly And The Baby Shark
  7. Lilly And The Polar Bears
  8. Lilly And The Circus
  9. Lilly The Opera Star
  10. Lilly In The Desert
  11. Lilly In Scotland
  12. Lilly And The Dragon Spa
  13. Lilly And The Hiccups
  14. Lilly And The Olympic Games
  15. Lilly In Peru
  16. Lilly And The Perfume
  17. Lilly And The Cooking Contest
  18. Lilly And The Crazy House Of Robots
  19. Lilly And The Indian Boy
  20. Lilly And The Great Escape
  21. Lilly And The First Bicycle
  22. Lilly And Aladdin's Magic Lamp
  23. Lilly In Australia
  24. Lilly And The Kung Fu Monk
  25. Lilly And The Mystery Of The Missing Bees
  26. Lilly And The Vampire Town

Animation production[edit]

The first two seasons used a simplified Animation style using traditional cel animation. For Season 3 onwards, Magma Films switched to a new animation studio which used a more digital detailed animation style using flash animation similar to My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.

Lilly's new design in the new rebooted series is much more closer to the original books than her look from the first two seasons. The English and eastern-European dubbed episodes of season 3 were aired in a different order then the original German version.

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