Lincoln House, Manchester

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Lincoln House
Lincoln House, Manchester.jpg
Lincoln House from Deansgate
General information
Type Office
Architectural style Postmodernism
Location Manchester
Country United Kingdom
Completed 1986
Design and construction
Architect Holford Associates

Lincoln House is an office building on Deansgate in Manchester, England. It was designed in the 1980s by Holford Associates. It is completely clad in glass and was designed as a deliberate response to the 1960s and 1970s Brutalist architecture that engulfed many British cities. It was built in 1986 for the Lincoln House Chambers, a legal practise based in Manchester.[1]

By the 1980s the Manchester City Council Planning Department rejected Brutalist proposals in the city believing such buildings to be cold and depressing pieces of architecture. The department were instead inclined to approve safe architecture such as brick buildings. Holford Associates set about fulfilling this move forward by proposing a glass building which demonstrated the latest technologies and improvements in neoprene sealants.[2]


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Coordinates: 53°28′48″N 2°14′53″W / 53.4801°N 2.2481°W / 53.4801; -2.2481