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This article is about the Victorian building in Manchester. For other uses, see Hulme Hall (disambiguation).
Houldsworth, Hulme Hall, Manchester

Hulme Hall is a university hall of residence in Victoria Park (Manchester, England), housing approximately 300 students[1] from the University of Manchester. The facilities are located in Rusholme roughly 1.5 miles south of Manchester city centre, and include a purpose-built lecture theatre with 300 seats (John Hartshorne Centre), the Old Dining Hall, the Library, the Chapel, the Senior Common Room and the Seminar Room. It is a Grade II listed building.[2] (It should not be confused with the historic Hulme Hall in Hulme, Manchester; it was sited on the right bank of the River Irwell but has been demolished.)

The hall is one of the oldest in Manchester: it was founded in association with Owens College. Houldsworth Hall, part of the Hulme Hall complex of buildings, was constructed in 1907[3] (Edwardian), whereas most of the local buildings are Victorian, for example the Anglican parish church (St John Chrysostom)[4] which was built in 1874 - 1877. Local student attractions include the Whitworth Art Gallery and the Curry Mile on Wilmslow Road.

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